Our Shipping and Fulfillment facility is open for business, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm PDT/PST. (Except Holidays and Weekends)

  1. Customers local to our Cerritos, CA retail location can pick up their orders in person.  If you wish to will call your order, please email us immediately after your have placed your order so that we can have it transferred to our Cerritos store.
  2. Multiple orders can be combined as long as we are notified or contacted before your orders have been processed
  3. No sales or shipping to Countries, States, Provinces, Counties or Cities where items are prohibited
  4. No sales or shipping to minors, or to adults intending to distribute or resell items to minors 

Will Call

Customers local to our Cerritos, CA retail location can pick up their order(s) in person.  If you wish to will call your order, email us immediately after.  This will allow us to have it transfered to our Cerritos store once the order has been pulled and processed.  Orders will be ready for pickup within 1 business day after you have submitted your order through this website.  If your order is not picked up within 5 days, the order will automatically be shipped to the address you entered at checkout.  Any customer that will calls their order but paid for shipping during checkout will have the shipping charges refunded after the order has been picked up.  If picking up an order in person, make sure to bring your photo ID with you and the credit/debit card you used during checkout.  The name and address on the ID must match with the information on the order.  Orders will NOT be released if the information does not match.  



Orders are processed and shipped from our facility within 1 to 3 business days

Domestic shipments can take 1 up to 14 days for final delivery.  International packages can take 8 up to 20 business days to reach their intended destination and may be delayed due to customs holds.  Specified delivery time frames are only estimates and are not guaranteed, unless stated otherwise by the shipping courier.

Weather and other conditions may affect delivery times that we have no control of.  If a package is ever lost or delayed, we will try our best to help customers locate their package or send a replacement order as long as the items are still available.  Invoices will be processed in the order they are received.  Please be aware that FedEx does not deliver on weekends or major holidays and USPS does not deliver on Sunday's or major holidays.



International shipping: Customers that choose any shipping option other than USPS express international, take full responsibility if the package is lost during transit.  Insurance and door to door tracking is only available for USPS Express International shipping.  Please remember that once a package leaves our facility, we no longer have control of the item.  However, we will try our best to assist all of our customers in locating their package if it is ever lost during transit.  All information regarding USPS International claims can be found here.  Since international laws regarding vapor products are continuously changing, it is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of their laws regarding ordering e-liquid/receiving e-liquid/ and any other restrictions for vapor related products.  If items are confiscated by customs or the shipping courier, we will not be held responsible for the confiscation of such items.  It is always the responsibility of the customer to only order what is allow to be received.  Certain items can not be shipped internationally.  "ANY" request by customers to alter their international customs invoices will not be honored.  Items shipped internationally must be declared a full value.

All batteries, or, devices with built in batteries can not be shipped internationally.  Also, they can not be shipped domestically overnight (lithium ion batteries can not be shipped via air due to shipping restrictions) and must be shipped ground.  For further information regarding restricted items, please email us at  



As of June 9th, 2016, orders shipped to any California address will be shipped using FedEx and will require an "Adult Signature" upon delivery.  This feature can not be removed (no exceptions)  "Adult Signature" is required to be compliant with CA law. 

"SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION" upon delivery is a safety feature that we offer our customers for FREE.  If you wish to waive signature confirmation due to the inconvenience this may cause you, you can do so by selecting,

  "No, I do not want signature confirmation included. (Adult Signature is required on all orders shipping to any California address and can not be removed)"

This feature protects your order from loss or theft.  By declining "Signature Confirmation", you agree that if your package is lost or stolen AFTER delivery, Vaperev, will not be held liable or responsible for your lost or stolen item(s) that you purchased through this website.  (Delivered means, the courier's tracking information shows your order was delivered by USPS or FedEx to the shipping address entered during the checkout process.)

By declining "Signature Confirmation" upon delivery, the courier you choose to ship your package to you, is not required to knock on your door and will leave your package where it is accessible to them.  By accepting "Signature Confirmation" upon delivery with your order, the shipping courier is required to get your signature and can not release your package or leave your order on your property without it. 



Free shipping is applied to the subtotal of $75.00 or more for all other Domestic orders, excluding California and Washington.

Free shipping for California and Washington is applied to the subtotal of $100.00 or more. These states require "Adult Signature Upon Delivery" due to the age verification for electronic cigarette products which is now a requirement by the FDA before a sale can be completed, and took effect August 8th, 2016.