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Published On July 5, 2013 | By Celina Tompkins | Blog, Hardware, Videos

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Vape Revolution has proudly represented the products of Atmomixani since we began as a business, just over a year ago. In that time, the vaping community has progressed, and our appreciation for companies who invest efforts into their own progression, has without a doubt, grown as well. You see, we couldn’t be VapeRev without the ability to represent the progression of companies like Atmomixani. With their latest release of the Nemesis, they’ve successfully created a stir of excitement throughout the vaping community; the device delivers character and quality, surpassing standards along the way. Sharing the desire to deliver quality products to this community, VapeRev and Atmomixani have been able to bond while doing business, and we’re grateful to have their consideration. Atmomixani is doing more than working with us now, they’ve actually taken the time to incorporate us in their work, and we couldn’t be happier. With that said, we thank Atmomixani for allowing us to present the VapeRev Nemesis!

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VR Nemesis button

The well received Nemesis has been aesthetically altered to embody the classy nature VapeRev strives to represent, while providing an edition unlike any other. Attractively accenting the polished stainless steel body of this Nemesis, with hints of brilliant brass, Atmomixani has delivered a device that we are honored to have our name on. Signifying the VapeRev edition, Atmomixani has chosen to place a ‘VR’ before the mod’s serial number. The other unique attribute on this Nemesis is our logo. Considerately placed, VapeRev can be read on the bottom button, centered between ‘By Atmomixani’ and their steam engine signature.

VR Nemesis break down new

VR Nemesis w beauty top copy

When broken down, the quality and precision of this mod can truly be seen. Every area of threading, every rounded edge, every engraved line is accurate from one Nemesis to the next. Able to operate with an 18350, 18490, or 18650 does provide flexibility for the user; but the brass beauty ring adds to the simplistic, and classy character this Nemesis possesses. As the brass beauty ring defines the separation between the body and the extension, the performance of the Nemesis will define your level of satisfaction. We are happy to have the Nemesis back in stock, and we are undeniably proud to have the VapeRev edition available to you on July 6th.

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