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If there’s one thing every vaper experiences, it’s the search for that one flavor unlike any other we’ve tried. Randy, the creator of P.O.E.T. Electronic Nectars, developed his juice line as a result of his personal ‘Pursuit Of Excellent Taste’; today, we proudly introduce him to you. Recreating the memorable flavors found at the La Crema Cafe, a local Italian bakery, became one of Randy’s favorite pastimes. After a long journey developing juices, he presented his flavors to VapeRev. Tomorrow, his five unique flavors will be available for you to experience; tonight, enjoy meeting the maker of P.O.E.T.

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What did you do for work before beginning this juice line? Is juice a full-time focus for you now?

My background and work experience has primarily been in retail and construction management. I also have a strong work history in the silk screening and graphic design industry. At this time, I am trying to break the chains of retail management and dedicate myself full-time to the creation of in-depth and complex electronic nectars. I also look forward to developing more products outside of nectars within the industry.

It sounds like there’s a lot of work in your life, so what do you do for fun and relaxation?

 My favorite pastimes are cooking, hunting, fishing and all things related to guitars. I listen to a lot of rockabilly, old and outlaw country, and metal.

That’s an awesome variety of interests! How would you describe yourself, or your personality?  

I would describe myself as a passionate person when it comes to interests and learning about those interests. I find that I dive in head first and immerse myself in the culture of my passion. This has lead me to have a long list of interests and abilities whether it be brewing my own beer, or making my own knives and guitars.

I’ll bet your personality played a part in taking on the production of a juice line, too! Tell us a little bit about your first experience with the e-cig industry?

Wow, where do I begin!  Being that I was a pack-a-day Marlboro Red smoker for 30 years, I found myself in an environment where I was unable to smoke traditional cigarettes. I started with buying the inexpensive e-cigarette at my local liquor store. I was disappointed with this type of experience versus traditional smoking. I missed the “throat hit” and the immediate calm traditional cigarettes provided. I received a recommendation from one of my customers to check out VapeRev, where I met Fred and Alex. From there I stepped into my first ego kit which only lasted me two weeks!! With that, I searched on the web for different mods and got involved in the Vapor Wall. It was there I secured my first Mod and through VapeRev purchased my first rebuildable atomizer. The smoke, no pun intended, literally, has not cleared yet!! I will vape for life!! Long gone is the Marlboro man!

 How were you introduced to the idea of making a juice line?

Being a consumer I had a hard time finding juices that I preferred. They did not have the depth I was longing for. I found flavors I liked but supply and consistency at that time were sporadic. Being the person I am, with my head first attitude, I decided to make juice for myself.

I knew your personality played a part! So what was the first juice flavor you developed?

My first juice flavor was the Torte De Arnicia.

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Have you encountered any hurdles while developing your juice line?

I most definitely have! Time delays with obtaining components internationally and also industry outages of base materials have prolonged introduction to market.

Well we’re really excited that P.O.E.T. has finally arrived! How would you describe your flavors to someone unfamiliar with the industry, or looking for a new juice?

I don’t want to overstate complexity, but I do strive to build flavors with multiple layers that present an entire experience; not just a single note flavor.  They are not your standard fare, they are built from my sensory experiences while out and about discovering new and unique items. For example, I am sitting at a local coffee shop bakery which often can be Italian themed, I am enjoying a strong cup of coffee, having a flaky pastry filled with sweet cream cheese laced with cinnamon, sugar and a crispy top; essentially, the whole experience in a bottle.

Why, or what, was the reason for developing the flavors you have? Was it a need in the industry, or personal preference that lead to the creation of P.O.E.T. nectars?  

I would say for me it was both.  I was finding that the industry was focused on single note flavors, which for me tend to get boring.   My need came from my personal preferences and my flavors tend to represent my moods.  I try to capture the memories attached to experiences and flavors I enjoy.

Can you identify any juices in particular that may have been inspiration?

Monkey Buns, Bonnie & Clyde, Ben Jonson’s Sweet Peach Tea and Cr3am, Belgian Cocoa, Cinnamon Blueberry Crumble, Moon Sugar, plus many others.

Tell us a bit about why P.O.E.T. was the chosen name for your juice line.

P. O. E. T. has been a long time coming.  It started back while manufacturing my own hand crafted beer and custom made guitars. P.O.E.T. is an acronym for “Pursuit of Excellent Taste” with the electronic nectars.  It will include more products as we develop and expand the company.   It incorporates the aspect of what the company truly is: the “Pursuit of Excellent Taste”.

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What do your juice names mean, and how did you decide upon those names?

The names were derived from an array of flavorful macaroons I discovered at a local bakery.  The names of some of my juices are very common Italian words.  For example, Torte De Arnicia simply means “orange cakes”.   They represent the main flavor of my recipes, but the recipes are much more complex than just the name.  I have to leave some element up to interpretation for the consumer to enjoy and discover.

What are you most excited for, with the upcoming launch of your juice line? 

I am just excited to have people try and enjoy my juices.  To know that they are enjoying something different not yet captured in our everyday experiences.  With all of my passions being focused on the sensory level, I truly create them for others to enjoy.  My greatest satisfaction is seeing someone try it for the first time and the response it evokes.

What comments do you have for the vaping community?

Get Involved and learn what your local government is doing about your “habits”, There are elements of their proposals that will directly affect your wallet. When the time is right, and bills are proposed and being sent to the Senate Floor, Don’t be afraid to call and /or e-mail your California Senators and let them know how e-cigarettes have affected and changed your Life. I know it has mine.

I hope you will enjoy P.O.E.T. Electronic Nectars, they were built with your enjoyment in mind. I hope that they take you through an entire experience, for that is how they were built.

I would like to thank my family and loved one in my life that have made it easier for me to transition into this industry and dealt with the insanity of the new Co. Start up; helping in bringing this product to life. Also special thank you to everyone at VapeRev for their support and encouragement. Thank you all so much.

Sit back and enjoy, break old chains and try new experiences, take advantage of opportunities. Lastly seize the moments in life and cherish them.

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