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As good news does travel fast, some of you may already be familiar with Mojo, the maker of the Chi_You mod. For those of you who aren’t, Vape Revolution proudly introduces you to the man..and the mod.

la-chi 1

VR: Mojo, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. We really appreciate the opportunity to get to know a little more about you. For many of us, vaping began when smoking ended. Were you a smoker, Mojo?

M: Yes, I was!

VR: How long were you a smoker?

M: I’m turning forty this year, so I smoked for roughly twenty years.

VR: How were you introduced to vaping?

M: I started having health issues and found ecigs on the internet with friends’ recommendations.

VR: Health issues, sorry to hear that. How long has it been since you started vaping?

M: Roughly eighteen months.

VR: Congratulations on the accomplishment! It isn’t an easy feat to quit smoking; but vaping really has helped a lot of individuals find a healthier alternative!  The success of this alternative is, largely in part, due to the performance of the device itself. What do you consider the “top three” mods on the market?

M: My “top three” would be the GG, Caravela and the GP Paps. However, since there isn’t a mod with 100% satisfaction, I found reason to create the Chi_You mod.

VR: That was my next question! So along with performance, what other inspirations  did you have for creating the Chi_You mod?

M: I touched base in the previous answer, but I love the famous mods that are out there. However, there are down sides to this as some mods are either excellent mechanically or have exceptional craftsmanship. Both qualities of which, come with high costs or unavailability of the mod. When I began making my mod I wanted to address both issues. Another factor, one that was upsetting to me, was that many of the quality mods aren’t available here in Korea. I don’t like the idea of duplicating, or selling something similar to an existing mod, to anyone. I think that it’s wrong and I wouldn’t do that. Creating the Chi_You came about to build something original, easy to use and that could satisfy my needs.

VR: It’s quite remarkable, your time-lined execution of developing such a mod, you must have some exposure to this field. What prior experience do you have that enabled you to create the Chi_You mod?

M: Since I was young, I’ve always taken apart things to see how they work. However, my background includes working in AutoCAD, graphic design, signage and other similar programs and areas. Due to my experience, there are a lot of ideas still in my head.

VR: Ideas you say, that’s wonderful news! Does this mean we have more to look forward to from Mojo?

M: Of course! I’m working on a whole line of MOJO mods, this I can say with confidence!

VR: Vape Revolution and the rest of the community, can’t wait to see what’s to come, I’m sure! The Chi_You mod has certainly claimed it’s stake as a very sought after mod, with justified reason! Before we say goodbye to you Mojo, is there anything you’d like to say to the vaping community?

M: To all who seek out and purchase a specific mod, having a mod with your name on it is like looking at your child. As a builder, I make sure that my mod meets and exceeds my expectations and therefore can say without a doubt that all modders out there feel the same. With that said, there is no better boost to my confidence than when I receive a picture of my mod in action or a short thank you letter. Please, if you have a favorite mod that you enjoy, help out the modder by letting them know. Finally, I want to thank everyone who has supported me and the Chi_You mod!

VR: Hear, hear. In an industry built upon people working together towards the common goal of not smoking; expressing your appreciation or satisfaction with the products and people who make this industry possible is well worth the time it may take. With that being said, Mojo, thank you so much for spending some of your time talking to us. We genuinely appreciate you, and the Chi_You mod!


la-chi 4

The Chi_You mod has developed an extraordinary demand and for those of you wondering why, we’re here to fill you in!

Made in Korea by Mojo, the Chi_You mod has amazing appeal. From aesthetics to functionality, along with the simplicity of the device, vapers all around the world are eagerly trying to attain their own Chi_You mod.

This mechanical mod, available in brass or stainless steel, is classy and clean. There are beautiful, culturally inspired, engravings found on the 18350 tube as well as on the bottom button. These engravings are executed with a laser engraver to ensure precision on each finished project. The tube itself has the MOJO logo on one side, with “Chi_You The Great Warrior King” written in Korean Hangul characters; along with the mod’s serial number on the other. The bottom button has the MOJO logo as well, with the version year and “Style of mojo” engraved on it.

front copy-1

The Great Warrior king

logo solo

Earlier, we mentioned the 18350 tube. This “five-piece” device arrives to you completely put together. It’s non-telescopic, but this mod breaks down into five pieces, providing you three different tubes to accommodate housing one of three batteries; an 18350, an 18490 or an 18650. To accommodate the 490 or 650, you simply attach one of the extension tubes to the 350 tube & voilà. The remaining two pieces are the bottom button and the top cap.


The bottom button has an exquisite switch, that is easily fired because it sits comfortably in your hand. The ring on the bottom cap conveniently twists down to lock your mod from firing, so it can sit safely in your pocket! The Chi_You mod’s top cap ring allows for adjustable air-flow, also by conveniently twisting to adjust.

bottom screw

bottom cap-1

Considered to be the most helpful and practical quality of this mod; the adjustable positive post allows flexibility with different set ups. It adjusts for the atomizer, as well as the battery; and this versatility is greatly appreciated!

brass pin

With every feature found on, and within the Chi_You mod, the extraordinary demand of this device is really no surprise.


The Chi_You mod is available to you, exclusively at Vape Revolution.

Please, contact our shop if we can assist you with any inquiries regarding the MOJO Chi_You!

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Check out our Chi_You Mod “Un Boxing” video below

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