SQuape X[s]
SQuape X[s] SQuape X[s] SQuape X[s] SQuape X[s] SQuape X[s] SQuape X[s]
The SQuape X[s] is a rebuildable tank atomizer which was developed and produced in its entirety in Switzerland. It is made by StattQualm GmbH to be used for the vaporisation of e-liquid. The SQuape X[s] can be closed off completely by a slight rotation of the tank and is therefore absolutely leak-free. Because of the closed system the tank can be taken off the atomizer and transported empty or full.

Short circuits are virtually impossible, through clever design of current conduction, as well as due to the nonconductive surface of the whole atomizer-chamber (consisting of ematalised aluminum).

Note: Price is for one Squape X[s].  Stattqualm recommends a short rinse of the SQuape X[s] in water before first use (but make sure to thoroughly dry all the parts afterwards).

  • Manufactured in Switzerland by StattQualm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 46mm (without tip and 510 connector)
  • Capacity: 2ml 
  • Top Filling
  • Step less airflow control (replaceable)
  • Single or dual coil capable
  • Adjustable 510 connector (gold plated)
  • Replaceable borosilicate glass
  • Deck is accessible even with full tank
  • Nonconductive components inside the evaporation-chamber (deck and closing ring) – no danger of short circuits
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Suitable for Temp. Control and V/W mode
  • The tank can be completely closed and removed (even when full)
  • Easy switching of the three positions, "vape", "remove" and "closed" with the 3-mode-lock