Fraud Prevention Policy

At VapeRev, we take fraud and theft very seriously.  To prevent these things from happening to any consumer or credit card holder, we implemented several systems to catch fraudulent purchases before the transactions have been finalized and shipped out.  This means, at our discretion, we will cancel any order that we believe is fraudulent, or, was found to be fraudulent and will refund the full amount back to the credit card used to create that order.  This policy helps us protect all credit card holders from fraud.  (We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that we feel is creating, or has created a fraudulent purchase on our website)

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to accept picture ID's as we have had many customers provide fake ID's or stolen ID's in the past.  Our ID Verification procedure is the only method that is 100% effective in proving that the person using the card is the owner as no one else will be able to see the refunds returned to the original owners card.  We also do not accept screen shots or scans of customers credit card statements.  With the technology available today, thiefs are able to create fake statements and have accounted for more than 90% of the false statements we received when we used to allow this.  If you place an order through our website and are requested to go through our "ID Verification" process but do not wish to wait on the process, we can cancel your order and refund the amount back to the card used to create the transactions.  This is required of any of our online customer that has their order held on "Kount Review".  Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please email us at or

Wholesale Clients

Customers who purchase items through this website (, and have a wholesale account, or are in the middle of setting up a wholesale account with us, are required to abide by all policies listed on this website.  No exceptions will be allowed.  Whether the items are bought for personal use, or business use, we highly suggest contacting your wholesale "Account Manager" to inquire if the items you are looking for are available for purchase through your Account Manager to avoid any delays in processing your order.  By purchasing items through this website, if asked to complete the ID Verification process, you must complete it in order for your invoice to be cleared for processing.