Age Policy:

Effective August 8th 2016, in order to comply with FDA Deeming regulations, Vape Revolution LLC will require all customers to submit materials in order to verify their legal age. According to § 1140.14(a)(2)(i) of the Deeming Regulations, retailers of vapor products may not sell products to individuals under 18 years of age. Section 1140.14(a)(2)(i) also requires retailers of vapor products to verify the purchaser's birth date by reviewing public records that match the purchaser's billing and shipping information.

We are committed to preventing sales to anyone under the legal purchasing age for any of our products. When you place an order, your name and address are used to confirm your identity and age.

We currently use EVS's Verification services to perform these checks. EVS, an industry leader in age verification, uses billions of records from multiple trusted and secure data sources to verify the information that you provide and ensure that you qualify to access and purchase products from this site. This process has been developed with privacy in mind and age verifications are secure with detailed information neither shared nor accessible. It is our commitment to ensure timely and expedient service, and refusal to utilize these services will result in cancellation of your order.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to use third party age verification systems, in accordance with federal law. If necessary, we reserve the right to ask for identification if necessary. You must be legal smoking age for the state in which you reside to obtain and use a credit card and to purchase electronic cigarette products. In instances in which credit card verification is not enough, we may require to review your identification card. You will be asked to fax or email a legible copy of your identification clearly showing your age and shipping address. We will require a signed authorization note along with a legible copy of your identification card. We will cancel the order if proper identification cannot be given in an appropriate amount of time.