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TEWSR’s his name, and creating badass art is his game – and as a long time friend of VapeRev’s CEO, he’s been a key part of VapeRev’s development since day one. He’s who we have to thank for creating our logo, he’s designed every sticker you’ve seen – and every shirt you’ve worn, he’s created the OC Weekly ads we’ve...


The Subox Mini Starter Kit

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The popular Subox is now available in another eye catching color combo! Like the black and red version previously released, this two-tone Subox Mini Kit pairs the KBOX Mini Mod with the revolutionary subtank hybrid, the Subtank Mini. The KBOX operates with a single 18650 rechargeable battery and has a maximum output of 50-watts. While...


VapeRev Melrose | Officially Open

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It’s official. VapeRev Melrose is now open for business. We knew an L.A. location would provide plenty of possibility; so naturally, we needed to raise the bar. Our second store sits on Melrose Avenue between Fairfax and Crescent Heights, in the heart of Los Angeles. On July 18th, we enjoyed welcoming guests for the very first...


Know The Truth | 30 Million U.S. Adults Have Used E-cigarettes

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For the first time since the vape alternative began its climb in popularity, the National Health Interview Survey, or NHIS, presented 37,000 U.S. adult respondents with a survey that not only asked about traditional cigarettes – it asked questions that applied e-cigarettes and vapers as well. Considering the survey itself had enough participants to fill the Staples Center twice over, the results of this study...


SB140 Did NOT Pass | Resources To Keep Handy

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UPDATED @ 4:00 PM PST | A 26-23 vote leads to the results we hoped for, SB140 DID NOT pass. SB140, had it passed, would define vapor products as “tobacco products”, prohibit vaping where smoking is currently banned, prohibit vaping in some private residences and group homes, in addition to having many other affects. Even though...


Red White & Blue Sales Event

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GET THE GOODS DURING OUR “RED WHITE & BLUE” SALE Today and tomorrow you can get any item currently available online at 10% off! So between the BBQs and fireworks, find a moment to check out our Red White & Blue Sales Event, even if it’s only to restock on those essential items every vaper...


Caravela Mods | The Nau “Serialized”

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Some of you may remember the Nau “First Sail” we released back in March, but for those that don’t, along with the release we mentioned that there would be a serialized set to follow – and this is it. Produced in Portugal by Caravela Mods, which is easily the most desired device brand to date,...


Broken Bottle Vape Co.

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You’ll have a feel for this brand’s sense of humor right off the bat, and their slogan of “we break it, you buy it!” is just one of the funny and clever details to appreciate about this e-liquid line. The Broken Bottle Vape Co. creates flavors that have been inspired by classic American candies and other...


Want To Win $10,000?

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The Vape Capitol Cloud Championship Tour will be stopping by VapeRev Cerritos today, Friday June 26th at 7 p.m.! The winners from tonight’s stop will earn a spot in the finals and a chance to win the $10,000 Grand Prize! Registration is simple! Just download the Vape Capitol App on your mobile phone through the appropriate channel,...


A Solid Setup For Anyone To Start With

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Help someone you know successfully make the switch from smoking to vaping by giving them one of these performance driven and easy to use product combos. The iStick and Atlantis make a solid setup that doesn’t disappoint! The iStick 30w and iStick 50w do have slightly different specs, but both of these variable devices carry powerful performance features with...