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Published On July 29, 2013 | By Celina Tompkins | Blog, Lifestyle, Videos

Be flown to California. Relax at the Hilton hotel. Enjoy attending E.C.C. — and receive $8,000 worth of great vape gear! Everyone is welcome to participate, and anyone can win! Here’s how..

As a proud sponsor of the Electronic Cigarette Convention, we are extremely excited to be launching the ‘What You Got?!’ Video Contest! We know the vaping community consists of an eclectic crowd, who all have different hobbies — so get filming, cause the Grand Prize is worth every moment you spend highlighting your interest! Here’s a detailed list of what we’re giving away:


  • Semovar V3, Full Set – SvoëMesto
  • Semovar V3, Base Set – SvoëMesto
  • Bagua, Stainless Steel – Team Rampage
  • Slim Dog, Gold Plated – AniModz
  • The King, Brass – Surefire Vapor
  • Silver Dog Hybrid, Vans Vapehouse
  • Nemesis, VapeRev Edition – Atmomixani
  • Nemesis, Matte – Atmomixani
  • Nemesis, Polished – Atmomixani
  • Roller, Custom – AtmiZoo
  • Dingo, Ice Matte – AtmiZoo
  • **Certificate For Otto Carter Engraving Of Your Choice** – Personalize the mod of your choice, with whatever engraving you want! Check out other Otto Carter work here.

Rebuildable Atomizers:

  • Kayfun V3.1, Brushed – SvoëMesto
  • Kayfun Mini – SvoëMesto
  • Kayfun Lite – SvoëMesto
  • Arrow – Team Rampage
  • Cal-H V3, Gold Plated – AniModz
  • M1 – J Creations
  • PiculiSci – Scientist
  • Steam Turbine, Titanium – Doc Dave
  • Steam Turbine, Stainless Steel – Doc Dave
  • Steam Turbine, SS Polished – Doc Dave
  • Bliss V3, Titanium – Doc Dave
  • Bliss V3, Stainless Steel – Doc Dave
  • Bliss V3, SS Polished – Doc Dave

Drip Tips:

  • Drip Tic, Gold Plated – AniModz
  • Gemini, Stainless Steel – Atmistique
  • Spinner, Stainless Steel – Atmistique
  • Tappas, Stainless Steel – Atmistique
  • Ten Tips, Variety – DripNVap
  • Six Tips, Variety – Vape Labs
  • Six Tips, Polished Variety – Cherry Vape
  • Two Tips, Brushed & Polished – VapeRev
  • Six Tips, Variety – Atmomixani

Other Accessories:

  • Three Mod Holders – Mad Carpenter
  • Nitecore i4 Intellicharger
  • U-Can
  • Four UltraFire 10440 Batteries
  • Two AW IMR 14500 Batteries
  • Two AW IMR 18350 Batteries
  • Two AW IMR 18490 Batteries
  • Two AW IMR 18650 Batteries
  • Five XTAR Battery Cases
  • Two Rev901 Dripping Attys
  • Two Rev510 Dripping Attys
  • Two 901 Drip Shields
  • One Brick Of Cartos
  • Two Frosted Rev Tanks
  • Four Clear Rev Tanks
  • Two Loki Tanks – Atmomixani

Juice: 30ml Bottles Of Every Flavor We Carry By The Following Vendors

  • Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce
  • Classified
  • Rehab
  • The Plume Room
  • Juice By Numbers
  • FlavorZ By Joe (15ml)
  • Mr. Good Vape
  • Midas

On top of the long list of products, we will also be flying you and a friend out to Cali to attend E.C.C.! We’ll get the two of you set up in a sweet hotel room and present the prizes listed above on the second day of E.C.C.!

Now, I bet you’re wondering who can enter. The answer is, EVERYONE! After making the announcement video, we decided to open this contest up to everyone in the entire world! So whether you’re local, or international, it’s all good! To get you started, we’ve provided music tracks for you to choose from, they are:

13 In The Way (Album Instrumental) – 01 What I’d Say (Josh One Remix) – Summit – 5 Pangaea – 8 Crop Circles – 13 LOVE INST – 14 If You Can’t Say

(Music must be downloaded from our website, the tracks are not available on our Facebook’s ‘What You Got?!’ Video Contest page.)

To enter the contest and submit a video, please click here.

To Official Contest Rules can be found by following the link above. If you have any further questions, please email contest@vaperev.com so we can get all of your questions answered! Have fun, good luck, and let’s see what you’ve got!!

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