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Published On September 9, 2013 | By Celina Tompkins | Blog, Hardware

Coming up with the design to make a mod isn’t easy, especially in an industry where things change so quickly. Incorporating a unique feature or switching up the standard aesthetics for mechanical mods becomes an important part of the design process, because companies don’t want their products to blend in; they want them to be seen. Crave, the creator of the Swan, has successfully done both. Gathering the attention of vapers all over the world, this Finland based company has become our focus for this week’s product spotlight.

swan 1

The Swan’s graceful nature is carefully, and completely created by hand. Without the assistance of CNC machines, the process of making each device does take more time, but the end result offers a much less common mod for you to enjoy. With two slender lines loosely spiraling its’ body, the Swan possesses a unique style and design that is enhanced by your ability to choose the finish, or finishes, you’d like your device to consist of. Available in aluminum, brass, and stainless steel the Swan can be mixed and matched to create the look you want. The tubes, or body of the device, are available in different lengths to accommodate the 18350, 18490, or 18650 batteries – and can be selected in any of the three finish options. The top cap and the bottom switch however, can only be put together with brass or stainless steel.

swan 3

The Swan has brass connections, with a single adjusting positive pin to allow for some play when accommodating different accessories. The reverse threaded locking ring accompanies a very uniquely designed bottom button; one that eliminates battery rattle and adds endless appeal to this sleek mechanical mod. Only available through an online forum, the Swan is simply something not everyone will have the opportunity to come across. However, the Swan has made its’ presence known in the vape community and the forum’s ‘Purchase Lists’ are currently closed. Although there may be a bit of a wait before attaining one, the Swan is something you’ll be proud to own after the time has passed.

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 For more information regarding the Swan, please visit the Vapers Discussion Forum.

(This forum is NOT in English. To view and understand its’ content, translate the webpage in Google Chrome.)

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