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Published On September 5, 2013 | By Celina Tompkins | Blog, Hardware

VapeRev has proudly carried quality mods and accessories since we began as a business. We believe that supporting the hard work of other companies is valuable to the growth of the e-cig industry, as well as the vaping community as a whole. Dedication, commitment, and sacrifice are all part of the passion driving the design and innovation that these companies present to the market. With appreciation and admiration for the time and energy put forth, we have decided to spotlight the hard work of other companies. As our first, of what we hope to be many more spotlights ahead, we proudly introduce you to The Hammer.


The Hammer, made by Kato in Korea, has a unique stainless steel design that is sure to stand out amongst other mods. Much like its’ name, the design of this device resembles that of a hammer or gavel.


Delicate, detailed engravings can be found on the button, bottom, top, and sides of the Hammer. Roy, from UVO Systems Korea, had this to say in regards to the side engravings, “the engravings can be a misconception of a gaelic or celtic cross, but the art actually draws inspiration from a hammer head shark; the design is purely coincidental.”


The Hammer has brass connections, and houses an 18350 battery. However, if you prefer longer battery life, an extension tube from Kato’s Astro mod can be applied to the Hammer to house an 18490. So if you’re looking for something different, or just want a device that doesn’t look or feel like any other – the Hammer is an extremely appealing mod to offset what you’re used to seeing.


 For further information, please contact the distributors for The Hammer: TruVape in Las Vegas, Nevada & The Vape Unit in Monterey Park, California.

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