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Published On September 18, 2013 | By Celina Tompkins | Blog

The Dominus hasn’t dropped just yet, but VapeRev has been looking forward to its’ arrival for some time. David, the maker of the Dominus, has been a guest of VapeRev’s since our doors opened early last year; his desire to design something of his own came soon after. With the launch of the Dominus set for Friday, we are humbled to have the opportunity to introduce you to the man who brought his ideas to life!


I’ve heard that you’ve been a customer of VapeRev’s for quite some time now, will you tell us a little bit about why and how you started vaping?

I started vaping because I wanted to quit smoking. I was a really heavy smoker growing up, and I didn’t want the habit to continue. When I did give up smoking, I found myself bummin’ a cigarette, and then two, and then three, until I finally just bought my own pack. I wanted to quit, so once I was introduced to an appealing alternative, it was easy to be successful. I was introduced to vaping through two close friends. One of my friends gave the other a skinny style e-cig to try years ago, and that failed. Then he was introduced to an ego twist with a carto tank, and that was working for him. I went online that night to research e-cigarettes myself and ended up ordering a ProVari.

How long have you been vaping?

About a year and a half. My buddy brought me to VapeRev a few days after we both ordered a ProVari online and I never looked back. Back then, my buddy and I were probably at the shop once a week, if not more. We were new to the vape scene and just happy to have so many great options to choose from.

Aside from the Dominus, what are your 3 favorite mods on the market?

Well, the ProVari was the first device I ever bought, but the GG was the first mechanical mod I used. Both are great in their own respect, but the Chi_You was the first mod I saw that highlighted the art of machining. I’ve been pretty focused on the production of the Dominus though, so I am not as up to date with all of the mods on the market now.


How did the idea of making your own mod come about?

After purchasing the GG and seeing the Chi_You I began to think about my own design. I have a lot of respect for the precision and machining that was involved in both of those mods because I could see the effort that the manufactures put into each design. Having a background in engineering and machining has really helped me understand what other people create on a different level than most. As a kid, I would watch my dad work in the original version of AutoCad on a green screen, old-school computer and just create things. I’ve always enjoyed and admired the process of creating something from nothing.

What mods, or experiences, have contributed to your inspiration for the Dominus?

The GG definitely jump started my plans to create mods and accessories within this industry, but the culmination of skills I’ve acquired while working in various areas of the manufacturing process have been a huge help to my personal progress. Each experience, or job I’ve had in the machining industry has allowed me to gain more knowledge and feel confident when I began my own design.

How did you decide on Dominus as the name for your device? What does Dominus Fecit mean?

Dominus Fecit is actually part of my family’s history. Dominus means ‘lord’, as in lord of the land and Fecit translates to ‘done it’. The motto ‘the lord has done it’ was found on my family’s clan emblem – which is a combination of the looping belt, the symbol from the top of our family crest, and our family’s motto. I sort of did my own spin on the emblem and created the logo you see on the bottom of the Dominus.


Do you have plans to make other mods or accessories in the future?

I do. I hope to transition from only offering the Dominus, to Dominus Mods offering a variety of different products. Honestly, I feel a little late to the game even though the industry is still developing so I’m really eager to get different things going!

Why did you choose to present the Dominus to VapeRev during the completion of you design process?

Since day one, VapeRev has been encouraging and supportive. I came here, and immediately picked up on the passion everyone had for this industry and it felt good to be around that. Like I said earlier, I was at the shop a lot. When I talked about my ideas, Alex and everyone else at VapeRev offered their support so it was easy for me to bring my prototype here. I feel like Dominus Mods has grown with VapeRev because of my history at VapeRev, and I was happy to hear feed back from the guys I got so much direction from when I began. VapeRev has become a family for me, and having their help has been an amazing experience. I’ve been to other vape shops, but no other place has made me feel as inspired as VapeRev. I mean, VapeRev has been the inspiration for a lot of the local growth within this industry. There really wasn’t much thought as to who, because from day one VapeRev has stood behind my idea and supported it.


I understand that you’ve been working on the Dominus for over a year now, is that correct? What are you most excited for, now that the Dominus is complete and ready to launch?

I’m most excited for the opportunity to start my next project. I hope the Dominus does well, don’t get me wrong; I just have a lot of ideas and ambitions, so it’s nice to see my first project complete.

What has been the most rewarding part of your personal vaping experience, as well as your experience as a modder in the e-cig industry?

For me personally, my health improving has been the most rewarding part. I actually feel so much better throughout the day, and I can feel the improvement in my lungs when I go running or exercise. As a modder, seeing my design come to life. It’s an exciting time, especially with the launch right around the corner. I’m just so grateful to be enjoying the opportunities within this industry.

Do you have any comments for the vaping community?

Definitely. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say, and thanks to those checking out the Dominus.

Thank you David, we really appreciate your time.


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