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Ben and Sam, of Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce, have been part of the VapeRev family for over a year now. For a period of time you could even find Ben behind the counters at our shop, sharing his knowledge and experiences with our guests. Now a days, Ben may not have time to consult, but he and Sam are always more than willing to sit down and engage in a conversation. Taking the time to sit down with VapeRev, Ben and Sam have shared their story for you to read. Enjoy!

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A:  What inspired you to call your juice line Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce?

B:  Well, before we wanted to start a line, my roommate had a nickname for me.  He would come downstairs and say, “Ben Jonson! How’s it going?”  When we decided to start a line, that kept popping up everyday, so we decided to run with it.

A: Very cool.

B: (speaking to Sam) Anything to add?

S: We went with Ben Jonson because we wanted an old school theme.  Ben Jonson happened to fit the feel of what we were looking for so we stuck with that.  We tacked on “Awesome Sauce” because it was a good complement.  It all started from there.

A: I love the name!  It does work well.  Are there specific events that led up to you both wanting to create your own juice line?

B:  I started making my own juice because I loved vaping.  It grew into a hobby for me.  Some of my friends would want my juice, and then more friends would want some.  To be honest, for about six months, the flavors weren’t as good as I wanted them.  Then Sam and I started to collaborate.  As time went on, we were able to come up with some better flavors.  After Vape Revolution first opened, we decided to give it a shot and let Alex, Mike, and some of the other guys try our flavors.  They said, “You should do something with this!”  That’s what sparked the beginning.

A: That’s great!

S:  After tasting Ben’s original juices, there was motivation to tweak some of them a bit and that’s how we came up with the “OG” flavors.  We each started developing tastes. Ben already had Snickelfritz and Passion Tea, and I created Nebula and Peach Tea.  Those were the original anchor flavors for our brand.  In the beginning, Ben was just having fun making juice for our friends. When we started to develop a really distinctive and exceptionally tasting product, I realized that it could be something we could potentially share with the e-cig community. We had to try. I believed we had something, but I certainly was not expecting it to be as well received as it is.

B:  We wanted to make flavors that we loved to vape on.

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A:  Who wouldn’t?

S:  Yeah, we needed flavors that we liked.  Flavors that could be vaped on all day and not get old.

A:  Some juices become overwhelming after some time, but some you can vape on for weeks.

S:  Yes, they need to be balanced.

A:  If it’s too sweet, you can’t vape it all day long.

S:  We wanted something sophisticated and refined so we took a balanced approach in our flavors.

B:  The more you vape it, the more it becomes a “wow” flavor.

A:  I love that!  Snickelfritz and Cre3m are very popular flavors.  What other flavors should other people try that they might not be familiar with?

S:  Personally, a favorite of mine for a long time now, is Apogee.  Since we’ve created this flavor, it’s flown under the radar and is not as popular.  It’s probably because it’s very unique.  I also think that not enough people know about it, but it’s one of those flavors that I can’t resist going back to. There are not many apricot flavors out there that are as refreshing and crisp as this one.  It’s something you find yourself picking up and vaping over and over.

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A:  Apogee!

B:  One of my personal favorites, that not a ton of people vape, is Passion Tea.  We came up with this flavor before the launch of our company.  I didn’t vape it a whole lot right off the bat, but after a few months, I realized that I truly enjoyed vaping it.  It has become one of my go to juices because of its consistency, and its something I know I’m always going to enjoy.  If I’m getting tired of a particular flavor, I can go back to Passion Tea.  It maintains its balance and is never overwhelming.

A:  It’s a palette cleanser.

B:  Definitely a palette cleanser.

A:  What are your favorite juices outside of your own juice line?

B:  I would have to say Pink Lemonade by Midas is a very enjoyable, smooth, and sweet vape.  Midas created such an accurate lemonade flavor, which is hard to do.  I also love Zebra from Re-Hab Vapors: great flavor, I consider it an all day vape.

A:  Yeah, I like both of those too.

S:  For me, I tend to vape flavors that are unique.  I enjoy flavors that I can vape all day.  Honey Fig Tobacco by Plume Room is one that I like when I desire something flavorful.  I also like Plum Crazy and Hawaiian White Guava by Virgin Vapors.

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A:  I love Hawaiian White Guava too.

S:  At one point that was my favorite flavor.

B:  That was the first juice he bought at VapeRev.

S:  Yeah, it was.  Then I found Plum Crazy by Virgin Vapors, which I also enjoyed because it was smooth and mellow.

A:  You like flavors that can last all day and won’t oversaturate your palette, right?

S:  Some strong flavors are really good off the bat, but after 10 minutes, your taste buds are blown.  That’s why we designed our flavors with that in mind.  It might not start off with a kick, but overtime, but you wont get tired of it.

A: It has a lasting ability.

S: It’s an all day vape.  That is our goal for all of our flavors.

B:  Yes, it’s nice to have something you can vape on all day.

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A:  Ben, you worked at VapeRev for sometime.  Tell me about your experience.

B:  I loved working behind the counter at VapeRev.  I am really grateful for the experience and for VapeRev allowing me to be a part of their team.  I had a little customer service experience in the past, but working at VapeRev proved to be a very positive experience.  I enjoyed interacting with the guests and helping them out in any way I could.  Teaching people how to set up, use their devices, and how to get the most out of their set up was very rewarding.  Whether it was an Ego with low-res cartomizer tank or steam turbine with dual coil, it was always a good time.  I definitely enjoyed explaining the different options that they have and finding the one that is best suited for them.  I loved finding a good juice for somebody whether it was our’s or not.  Whatever would keep them off real tobacco was awesome.

A: I’d have to agree.  What devices do you prefer to vape on?  Are there any particular set-ups you wish to talk about?

B:  I’ve vaped many different devices with a lot of different set-ups.  It’s become a hobby to say the least.  I truly enjoy a reliable mechanical mod and a good rebuildable atomizer.  It can be silica or stainless steel mesh-based.  Lately, I’ve been veering towards the silica atomizer just because of the ease of use and the fact that you can throw it in your pocket and not worry about it.  I generally tailor the juice I’m vaping to the device I’m using.  If I’m vaping a silica atomizer, I might pick a dessert flavor.  It doesn’t have to be a dessert flavor, but even a creamy fruit flavor like Jamangi works.  Jamangi works well out of a genesis atomizer too.  Right now, I’m using a Kayfun, and the flavors really pop.  It’s a really good vape. I love Genisis atty’s as well, particularly anything from Doc Dave. Two of my favorites are the Ti Turbine paired with a Ti bague and his Mini Micro paired with a Nemisis. Both phenomenal vapes.

ben jonson-0049

A:  Very cool.

S:  My favorite set up is a Kayfun Nemesis. I like how consistent the Nemisis and Kayfun perform. I just now started dabbling with the Genisis atty’s and I am very pleased with them.

A:  Do you have an opinion on the impact Vape Revolution has had on the vaping industry as a whole?

B:  From the first day I stepped into VapeRev, I noticed that they had done something unique.  They stood apart from the other vape stores.  Their emphasis on guest service is huge! I feel they are setting a new standard.  When you walk in, you might have to wait a little bit, but then you are introduced to a consultant, and they are yours to have for the duration of your stay.  They answer any and all questions a guest may have, no matter the length of time.  The guest’s understanding is the goal, so they do not finish the process until this is achieved.  You leave with a working vape and the education to continue vaping successfully. VapeRev’s approach to customer service makes it much easier for the new vaper to switch over to vaping. Everyday someone switches over to electronic cigarettes, it helps the entire industry and community. The larger our community becomes the more aware the public is that this alternative exists.

S:  To piggy back on what Ben said:  After visiting a lot of vape shops, I found myself wanting to come back to VapeRev even before we made juice; I was just a customer. I preferred to come to VapeRev even though it was out of the way.  There is a sense of quality that is not replicated anywhere else.  After getting to know the VapeRev team, I gained a clear understanding of what they were trying to achieve.  They are the pioneers of the vape industry.  They lead the movement with innovation and concentrate on catering to everyone’s needs.  The new vaper is most important because they are the foundation for this whole community. With VapeRev constantly striving for premium service, it shows that they are in it for the right reasons. I am extremely grateful to VapeRev for giving us a chance. We aim for the same values and standards, and we are glad to be along for the journey.

A:  I really enjoyed our time together and want to thank you for letting me and our readers get to know you both better.

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