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Long time friends, Chris Davis and Gary Riddle, created their premier juice line in October 2012.  Become acquainted with their flavors and a lasting relationship is promised.  I am ecstatic to offer you a personal moment with the pioneers of Mr. Good Vape.

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A:  At which specific moment did it dawn on you that making e-juice was something that you both truly desired to do?

C:  About a couple of years ago, Gary had the idea to secure the domain name Mr. Good Vape.  He fell in love with it, called me on the phone, and asked me what I thought about it.  I said, “I like it, definitely grab it!”.  I guess we just fell in love with vaping since we were first introduced to it.  We were buying and trying different kinds of juices and experimenting with various vapes.  It’s funny because in the beginning, we were vaping high milligrams that would make you sweat when you hit it, because we just didn’t know any better.

It was a big deal for us to quit smoking cigarettes since we were both such heavy smokers for a long time.  In 2012, towards the end of the year in October, we were really getting into the mods.  That’s when it dawned on us that we actually wanted to create something with Mr. Good Vape, but we wanted to do it right, from the beginning.  We wanted to build a brand and a foundation.  We wanted people to feel the passion.  We wanted it fun, exciting, unique, and explosive.  We wanted it to taste so good that every single time someone vaped it, they would be connected with it, need it, want it, which would hopefully create a demand for it.

A:  That was definitely your defining moment of when you both had the realization you wanted this to be, completely, a part of your lives.

C:  Yes, so in October 2012, we came up with some flavors.  We experimented with 12 to 15 flavors and narrowed it down to one which is now called Moon Sugar.  I created Moon Sugar because I loved this flavor.  Then Gary came up with Karma Cream.  I remember him saying he wanted to do a peaches and cream flavor so we worked on developing it.  After many, many trials and errors, we finally hit it perfectly on the nose and Karma Cream was born!

After our first 5 flavors were established, we brought them to VapeRev right before the New Year.  Luckily, the flavors were approved and we were given the chance to be offered on their shelves.  The first shipment was delivered on the first day of 2013 and released publicly!

karma x moon

A:  What are 3 reasons why you feel Mr. Good Vape is a unique juice brand?

G:  From the beginning, our intention for Mr. Good Vape was to be a staple in the juice industry.

First of all, the presentation was very important to us.  We decided to use glass bottles.  Taking into consideration that filling a tank or dripping into an atomizer, that a glass dropper was necessary.  Our presentation involves quality labels, fun colors, and silly names which give it a cool vibe.

Second, would definitely be our flavors.  One thing that we don’t do is just mix you banana and orange and call it Banana Orange, or mix you kiwi and strawberry and call it Kiwi Strawberry.  Chris and I have taken a completely different approach to creating our juices, one that you won’t see on YouTube. We take a professional and technical approach that involves many proprietary trade secrets that we wont go into, however it’s the reason why it comes out so smooth and the flavors blend so naturally.

Third, is the vapor production.  We know that people like to blow big clouds, and so do we.  Experimenting with different set ups helps us get a grasp on the juices full potential prior to test marketing.  We not only look at the extracts and the mixes, but we also look at the right percentages of glycerin versus propylene glycol.

A:  What experiences in your lives have aided you both to become successful at creating your juice brand?

G:  Well, I’ve always been in love with cooking so that has an influence in the way we create and design flavor profiles.   I grew up in a German family which exposed me to different kinds of foods.  I think my need to experience varieties of foods has given me an advantage in my process of coming up with unique combinations of flavors.  I am driven to create flavors that have not been created yet, so with that said, there is definitely a required state of open-mindedness that is necessary in our everyday creation process.

C: Well I have a lot of experience in business and am naturally creative and business minded, which also stems from being a full blooded musician.  My brain always thinks in colors and patterns, and a lot of things come to me in visions which branches out to constant ideas.  I don’t just think about the next move, I try to look way ahead and analyze the process for the best possible outcome.

A: You sound like an artist.

C:  Thank you,  I also have a background in marketing and sales.

A:  Which, I feel, is a unique combination.

pis man

C:  Thank you.  A lot of what is created, comes from the chemistry of Gary and I.  Gary usually comes up with an idea.  For example, he said he wanted to do a banana coconut, kind of thing.  I thought about it for a week and toyed with this thought while making Bahama Mama.  Gary also thought of making a mint pistachio which happened to be one of my favorites.  Initially, he said he wanted to do a mint pistachio flavor.  So I began playing with it and out came a chocolate mint pistachio, with a french vanilla ice cream.  After the final product, we tested it, and felt that it needed some tobacco notes.  We purchased and tried tobacco flavors from all over the U.S. and then found the one we liked, which came out of Italy.  It was a dark barley tobacco which we used in a very small amount, around half a percent.  It was just a hint, but fit perfectly like a nuance; now we have Pistachio Man.

We’re a great team because a lot of the time he will think of something that I don’t necessarily like to eat.  I don’t order mint pistachio when I go to 31 Flavors.  I get something else, but when it comes to vaping, I like this flavor a lot.  Gary likes to cook and realize flavors that I don’t usually try, but I’m good at creating the ideas he has.  It works out quite well between us.

A:  That does sound like a good collaboration.  I know for a good juice brand, having a chef behind it, is always a bonus because the flavor profiles are driven by a more acute palate.

C: Yes, I agree.

A:  When was the most satisfying point throughout the creation of Mr. Good Vape?

G:  It was when VapeRev said, “We like these ones.”.  The most satisfying moment was pretty much seeing the response through social media, reading the reviews, watching people post pictures of Mr. Good Vape, and realizing that people really liked it.  Your friends always tell you, “Oh, it’s great!”, or “That’s awesome.”.  Your parents root for you as well, but when people we didn’t  personally know were complimenting our  product, it meant a lot.  It was a big deal because that was when we knew there was momentum behind Mr. Good Vape.  We are feeling very appreciative at this time.

A:  I would too!

G:  We were seeing #mrgoodvape on Instagram and felt excited.  We didn’t know these people, but they were all enjoying our products.  It was very cool.

A:  It sounds like it was a gratifying experience.  How about you Chris?  When was your most satisfying moment?

C:  I just have to agree with Gary.  The thing about Mr. Good Vape is that it’s a fast growing company.  Like Gary said, it’s amazing to see all the private messages, stuff on the walls, tags, Instagram, Facebook posts, and other social media.  People are vibing with it.  The requests from so many people that wanted to try it and review it, and all the positive support is very cool.  The public loved it and that’s a big deal for us. because Gary and I both feel strongly about being connected with the people. Just like the Godfather “always taking care of the people”, which is why we say “for connoisseurs by connoisseurs”, because we are just chill people that are all about making the community even cooler than it already is.

mel head

A:  I know that Melon Head and Sweet Lovin are a couple of your bestsellers, did you anticipate their success?

G:  I did, only because they were something that I personally fell in love with right away.  Those flavors were appealing to my palate and the reaction from people trying it, previous to release, was pretty good.

C:  Yeah, well both of those flavors were bomb from jump street and just needed a little love and some tuning, we did a lot of test marketing with our friends to fine tune them before we brought it in as a finished product. Honestly, it came down to half a drop of this and that; which created the perfect taste of the mango, cantaloupe, and papaya from inhale to exhale, with just the right amount of sweetness.

A: Sounds great.

sweet lov

C:  Then came Sweet Lovin.  We asked ourselves, “what is Vape Revolution missing?”.  When I worked at VapeRev for a day, I got a feel for the store, and remembered there were a couple people at the juice bar asking for a strawberry flavor.  They wanted strawberry, but didn’t buy any strawberry flavors.  I thought to myself, “We should try a strawberry flavor.”.  We wanted it to be fun and immediately the name  Sweet Lovin came to mind.  I saw a hot pink label in my mind and wanted to do something with strawberries, cream, watermelon, and bubble gum.

Everyone that reviews this flavor says they can’t taste the watermelon, but I’ll tell you straight up that the smell, when you open the bottle is actually from the watermelon extract. I really like this flavor and its combination of strawberries and cream with watermelon and bubble gum make it so delicious. The pink label, the smell and the flavor make it what it is, Sweet Lovin.

Bah mama

A:  One of Mr. Good Vape’s more recent releases was Bahama Mama.  Did you know this would be a hit?  And why?

G:  I did think it would because the flavor profile is perfect for summer.  I love using it in a dripping atty.  It’s perfect for me.  Bahama Mama, Sunshine Daydream, and Sweet Lovin are my three favorites.  I have three summertime blends.  Bahama Mama is definitely up there for me.  I switch around between these three.

C: You were such a Karma Cream guy, in the beginning.

G: I vaped it forever, dude!

C:  I know you still have a bottle of Karma Cream in every desk in your house.

G:  I have one that’s been steeping for 4 or 5 months.

C:  The Karma Cream gets really good when you steep it for a long time, so does Moon Sugar.  If you leave Moon Sugar in the dark for 4 months, and then vape it, it’s so freakin’ good!

I personally believe in my heart that Bahama Mama, will become one of our most sought after flavors like Sweet Lovin and Melon Head. What it really comes down to, is that it’s a fun flavor that you can vape all day, all the time.  It has nostalgia built into it.  It reminds you of going out, having a piña colada, and being in a tropical setting with suntan lotion.

A:  It makes you feel like you’re getting away.

C:  Yes, it’s like a vacation in a bottle.  It’s Bahama Mama; banana, pineapple, coconut candy, colada cream.  Yep, Bahama Mama’s a female, it’s a she.

A: Very nice, very clever! I’ve heard you mention that Mr. Good Vape is “The Godfather of Vaping”.  Why is that?

C: I mean who doesn’t like the Godfather?  You know what I’m saying?  Mr. Good Vape basically  stirs the pasta and mumbles about max flavor in the kitchen all the time. He’s the homie who handles business in the hood and keeps the people happy.  He loves the most flavor and even bigger clouds,  that’s pretty much his thing.  He drives a cool car.  His wife is Bahama Mama.  His dog is Sweet Lovin and his two most trusted friends are Pistachio Man and Melon Head. He’s the Godfather of Vaping.

A:  I love that! So what is your forecast on the evolution of the vaping industry?

G:  I think, at this point, it’s a force to be reckoned with.  In the future, I think there will be upcoming regulations that everybody needs to come together and fight against.  Choosing to vape is so much more beneficial than choosing to smoke.  It’s become a hobby for adults, where they can trick out their units.  No matter what, the industry is going to keep growing.  I think there will be some staple brands and companies that will make it in the long-term.  After the FDA regulates the industry, you’ll see a lot of companies drop off.  There’s a lot to look forward to, in the years to come.

C:  Yes, I agree.  I just think vaping is cool.  It’s pretty tight.  It’s a lifestyle thing.  It’s an accessory.  It’s like having an iPhone.  Everybody’s got a different drip tip, different mod in brass, stainless, polished, torched or anything in between.  It’s just cool.  With everyone being an individual, they can be creative, have a different juice, and wrap their coils how they like it. It’s personal and depicts individualism.  It’s like grass roots, it’s street, it’s real.  Within the people, it’s what makes the vibe.

It’s also what threatens the government.  It’s so big, they don’t know how to get a grasp or handle on it.  Like Gary said, they’re going to regulate it, but regulations doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad.  We’re just going to have to follow some rules, that’s all.  There are going to be people who will view the industry in a capitalistic fashion.  Then there are people, like us, that are passionate and creative, and want to stay in business to bring people great juice forever.  That’s another reason why we coined the phrase, “made by connoisseurs for connoisseurs”.  It’s about teaming up with Vape Revolution and doing business the way they do business.  We hope to be here for a long time.

A: I hope so too! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me you guys, it was fun getting to know more about Mr. Good Vape and the two of you!

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