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Published On October 16, 2013 | By Celina Tompkins | Blog, Hardware

The work of Otto Carter continually amazes those who have the chance to take a closer look at his craft. His attention to detail carries the creative design he displays with each piece, and this steampunk design is no exception. I had the opportunity to speak with Otto about his concept for this device, and by the end of our chat I had a better understanding of Otto’s engraved engineering behind this mechanical masterpiece.


“Like many of my ideas, the inspiration for this steampunk design came to me while I was driving down the road. The devices I engrave arrive as a very simple, and dimensionless tube. So my goal with this project was to give the piece depth and dimension, something different. So rather than displaying the gears on the outside of the device, I worked to represent the mechanics within the mod. I wanted it to have a subtle display of steampunk elements but in a clean, and neat way.”



“Each extension tube, or individual piece is treated as its own. So while you look over the device, you can see different engravings that support the steampunk feel. Starting at the top with window cut-outs revealing the gears within, and then working down the device to the pipeline engravings below; I wanted these designs to seem like they were not only within, but actually part of the piece.”



“My favorite section of the steampunk mod is the bottom button. In each window, the gears you see are designed to represent gears that work together, and could actually function. On the button, it’s the opposite. Those three gears could never function together, and that’s the beauty of it! In my area of design, it doesn’t have to work! I enjoy being able to play with the possibilities to create a visually stunning piece of art that someone will enjoy.”


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