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The mind behind the Midas juice line, Jason Davis, discovered his passion for vaping in July of 2010.  He soon realized that there was a need for more variety in e-juice to fulfill people’s desire for selection.  I’m pleased to give you a glimpse into Midas’s world of juice making.

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 VR:  Tell us about the Midas juice line and what inspired you to create it?

M:  It started with initially wanting a tobacco-y flavor like a RY4 that was in between the balances of what I could find.  The flavors out there were either too tobacco-y or too sweet.  I was trying to make something that I liked, just for me, that was in between the two.  So I experimented for a few months and finally came up with the RY4 that I liked.  Then after that I let friends and family try it, including a neighbor, and they all liked it.

VR:  So was RY4 your first flavor?

M:  It was my first flavor.

VR:  What did you do next?

M:  Then I came to VapeRev and let Alex try it because he asked me to bring a bottle in.  Alex shared it with everyone at VapeRev.  Then he ordered 10 bottles to see how it would go.  Then it started growing from there.

VR:  Why did you decide to create a menthol flavor?

M:  I’ve always liked menthol flavors.  The ones that I tried from other vendors lacked consistency.  It would be great with one batch, but then totally different with the next.  This was frustrating, so I decided to create a menthol flavor where you could depend on the flavor consistency.

VR:  So you were just fulfilling a need for a juice that wasn’t created yet.

M: Yes.

VR:  What factors are involved in deciding what flavors Midas creates next?

M:  Initially it’s what I want.  If it’s not already out there, then I want to create it.  If it is already out there, but it’s not exactly what I like, then I want to perfect the original version of it.  Some of it, honestly,  are demands from friends and family.  Some of the flavors may not be things that I personally would’ve thought of, but someone wants it.  So I see what I can do with it.  Some are successful and some aren’t.

VR:  I know some popular flavors are Glacial Inferno, Icy Peach, and Pink Lemonade.  Did you have any idea they would be so well liked?

M:  With the Glacial Inferno, not really.  Because it’s so extreme, I was really surprised that it was well liked.  Some people happen to like the pungent, strong menthol.  I was pleased to hear from a couple people that without that particular flavor, they would have gone back to smoking.  They needed something that punched them in the face, basically.  I’m glad that it filled that need.

M:  When it came to making Icy Peach, I thought adding peach to my standard menthol was a great addition.  I know people generally take the standard menthol and they mix it with fruit flavors.  With Icy Peach, I wanted it to come already mixed with the peach flavor.  I made this peach flavor independently.  While experimenting with it, I realized that it made the menthol pop more.  The peach I used is really good because it’s more of a real peach as opposed to a candy peach.  It was different than anything out there at the time.  There are lots of peach-ish flavored e-liquids, but I wanted something that tasted more real.

M:  With the Pink Lemonade, I was confident it was going to be well received because of the positive feedback from everyone.  I was real particular with it, and I wanted to get it right.  There were earlier versions of it that I let friends and family try.  They said, “oh this is good”, but i felt it wasn’t as perfect or as good as it could be.  So I revised it over and over until it was as good as it could possibly be.

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 VR:  The Midas juice line must be busy filling orders.  Do you have time to vape juices from other juice vendors?

M:  I wish I had the leisure to try other vendor’s flavors, but unfortunately, I am the only one to create and implement new juices for Midas.  During a normal day, I am vaping juices in the works and not even the finished product.  I am constantly testing flavors and revising them.  This takes up all my time, all day, and everyday.

VR:  So essentially, you experiment on yourself by always trying different flavors for the Midas line.

M:  Yes, but I am aware there are lots of good juices out there.  I wish there was more time in the day.  To be so focused on the Midas juice line is a small sacrifice for me.  My desire to bring vapers the best quality juices drives me to direct my time toward constantly improving and tweaking my juice flavors.  I hope that everyone is happy with the results.                                    

VR:  What are three suggestions for first time vapers on how to choose the best e-juice for themselves?

M:  A lot of first time vapers initially want something that tastes like a cigarette because they are not comfortable with anything else.  This usually only lasts a few days though.

VR:  That’s why you created the RY4.

M:  Yeah, that’s why I created the RY4, initially.  Even though it’s a tobacco-y type, but more of the caramel and toffee.  I’d tell them what I tell friends, you don’t want something that tastes like a Marlboro Red.  You don’t want something that tastes like a cigarette.  You might think you want that right now.  But your not going to want that anymore, very quickly, especially after your taste buds heal and reform from smoking cigarettes.  You’re definitely not going to want that anymore.  It’s going to taste disgusting.  Go with flavors of things you like.  You might want something candy-like or dessert like.

VR:  They could start with foods they naturally veer toward.

M:  Yes, you could go from there, as your jumping off point to discover what you would like to start with.  After that, it will be a learning process for the person.  They might end up liking flavors that they never thought they would like.

VR:  As for the milligrams?

M:  I would ask them what cigarettes they smoke, and how often do they smoke.  But no matter what, I would always suggest starting lower then what you think.  Then you can always increase the milligrams if you needed to.  But for someone who was smoking a pack a day of Marlboro Reds, I would still suggest that they start at no higher than 12.  This way they can see how their body reacts to it and how they feel.  If they needed to, they could go up.  Or if it’s fine, they could stay there.  Start in the middle basically.  Don’t start at 24.  Some of the other shops, that I’ve been to, are all about pushing 24 milligrams.  It’s really not necessary.

VR:  Now that vaping is taking a hold in our society, do you feel that it will be around for a long time and why?

M:  I do feel that it will be around for a long time as long as we can survive the FDA scrutiny.  I think that it will be a slow transition because usually everything like this is.  I strongly believe within the next few decades, vaping will surpass analog smoking.

VR:  It’s here to stay.

M:  Once the general public becomes more aware of vaping, and the initial fears are subsided with truth and education, it will spread more and more.  Look at what’s happened since it was introduced into the UK and the US.  See how much it’s grown.  The movement won’t stop.

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