Maintaining Your Kayfun

Published On March 24, 2014 | By Matthew Shelbourn | Atomizer Rebuild, Blog, EDU, Maintenance


To date, the Kayfun by SvoëMesto is easily one of the most-successful line of atomizers in the vaping industry’s relatively short history. Much of the Kayfun’s lasting popularity directly reflects its remarkable performance and unwavering durability. Although it doesn’t require much effort to keep your Kayfun performing at its best, routine maintenance from time to time is still necessary.

One component of Kayfun upkeep which some individuals may not be familiar with, is the process of replacing isolators when they have become worn. Insulators are small pieces of heat-resistant delrin which are needed in order for the Kayfun to operate safely and efficiently. This EDU will provide a video tutorial on how to completely disassemble the Kayfun Lite, replace the isolators, and successfully rebuild the atty using a micro-coil and cotton wick. The process demonstrated in this video also applies to the Lite Plus, 3.1, and 2.1 version of the Kayfun. So regardless of which Kayfun you’re using, this information will guide you through the routine maintenance procedures to ensure long lasting enjoyment with your Kayfun!

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