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The Skeleton Key

August 1, 2014 | 0 Comments


Over the past few years vaping has undergone a drastic transformation, evolving from a small industry with simple and sometimes lackluster hardware into a global business with a plethora of both ornate and technologically advanced products. The lack of a local vape shop hardly exists anymore, as brick and mortars have been developed on what seems like every street across the nation. The upside to the saturation is that e-cig products are readily available for those who wish to transform their lifestyle and leave cigarettes behind. The downside is that many of the companies involved with e-cigs appear to have lost sight of the passion and emotional aspects that used to instill such a high level of pride amongst members of the vape community. This being said, the Skeleton Key has slyly snuck onto the scene, shining like a beacon of hope for vape enthusiasts around the world to appreciate.


The Skeleton Key was originally conceptualized as a high-quality mechanical mod with a touch of style and nothing more. That idea was quickly discarded when the creative geniuses behind the device opted to team up with a legendary artist who they refer to as “Marquis.” This skilled gentleman is a true artist in every sense of the word: he is extremely talented, knows exactly what he likes, and has a desire for his work to carry deep meaning while stimulating introspective thought. Inspired by the passionate ideas presented by Marquis, the Skeleton Key project quickly morphed into something far greater than just another mod.


One of the Skeleton Key’s creators is a collector of authentic skeleton keys as well as elaborate old locks. His appreciation for the idea behind a skeleton key and its mystical properties influenced the decision to design a device around the same principles possessed by these seemingly magical keys. As a mod, the Skeleton Key was created to resemble and represent whatever you want it to. The symbology found with the device’s engravings and physical structure are not intended to be interpreted in any one correct way. Each owner of the Skeleton Key will develop their own individual thoughts as to the meaning behind the artwork and why it looks the way it does. This is one aspect that makes it such a fantastic device. Most devices either work for you, or they don’t, and that’s where the story ends. The Skeleton Key, however, is unique in its ability to invigorate the imagination.


I don’t own a Skeleton Key, although I was lucky enough to have some time to analyze the device for myself. After being mesmerized by the intricacies of its engraved artwork, I started to get lost in the device. The longer I stared, the more captivated I was by it. Even though I am not able to use one as a daily device, I was still able to form my own interpretation of what the Skeleton Key means to me. I personally view the Skeleton Key as a gateway. With the device unlocked I am able to set myself free from the shackles of a tobacco-infested existence. It makes me feel proud to be a vaper, especially knowing that I’ll never need a cigarette again. In my opinion, the Skeleton Key is an empowering mechanical mod that has a somewhat euphoric effect since very few people get the opportunity to even hold one of these museum-quality pieces. That being said, if you become a Skeleton Key owner then you will undoubtedly form your own interpretation of the device.


Speaking of artwork, the Skeleton Key features several incredibly precise laser engravings. It would do them a disservice to try and describe them with words, but I can say that you can look closely at this mod for a long time without becoming bored. Each piece of engraved art was drawn by Marquis specifically for the Skeleton Key and there is even a “secret” engraving which will become noticeable if you have a keen eye. This is another unique feature of the device, it sparks curiosity and even after months of use you will continue to discovers things you had never noticed before.


Setting aside all the mystery and grandeur of the Skeleton Key, it happens to also be a highly functional device. Housed within its 23mm frame are silver-plated copper contacts, the positive of which is telescopic to compensate for variations in battery length and ensure a stable connection is made at all times.


The Skeleton Key’s switch is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The internal switch housing is constructed from brass, providing efficient conductivity. Although the switch itself is spring-loaded, the floating locking ring is powered by an innovative magnet system. This not only gives the locking mechanism an extremely fluid operation, but also allows the Skeleton Key to be locked quickly regardless of whether the ring is rotated counterclockwise or clockwise. The locking ring also has some symbolic significance since physically it resembles castle gates or windows. When closed (locked) nothing can be seen, however when open (unlocked) small engravings become visible. This is open for interpretation, but these engravings may represent more than simply an indication as to whether the device is locked or unlocked.


The final touches to the Skeleton Key are made by the luxurious packaging which resembles that of a high-end watch. Each elegant box also includes an engraved metal authenticity card. These are small additions in the grand scheme of things, but they solidify the feeling that when you purchase a Skeleton Key you’re getting much more than a mechanical mod alone. Upon presentation of the Skeleton Key you’ll experience feelings akin to being initiated into an exclusive club where personality is paramount and superficiality is extinct. Which I appreciate more than I can simply express. So what doors will the Skeleton Key open for you?


Skeleton Key Specifications

• Manufactured in California by Skeleton Key
• Constructed from Solid 303 Grade Stainless Steel with Brass Components
• Mechanical Device
• Silver-Plated Copper Contacts
• Spring-Loaded Bottom-Firing Switch
• Floating Magnetic Locking Ring with 360 Degree Action and Image Indicator
• Artwork Drawn by “Marquis”
• Diameter: 23mm
• Laser Engravings
• Serialized
• Battery Tubes: 18350, 18490 (Extension), 18650 (Extension)
• Engraved Metal Authenticity Card
• Luxury Packaging and Storage Box

 The Skeleton Key will be available in-store and online tomorrow, August 2nd, at 11:00am PST.


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The Mutant V2 by Fall Out Mods

July 29, 2014 | 0 Comments


Many vape enthusiasts take their hardware very seriously. When it comes to devices, some people are selective with how a mod looks, others prefer devices made from particular types of metals, and then there are those individuals who select a device based on its size. On the topic of size, the latest trend is for vapers to have devices ranging from the ultra compact to monolithic behemoths. The American made Mutant V2 by Fall Out Mods fits nicely into the latter region of this sizing scale.


Constructed entirely in the USA out of heavy-duty 316 grade stainless steel, the Mutant V2 is rugged yet surprisingly streamlined for a 26650 mod. Although it carries a considerable heft, it has a quite comfortable feel in the hand. Its size alone makes quite a statement, however this is balanced well with clean aesthetic elements. The Mutant V2 boasts of a single tube design which has been meticulously machined to provide a perfectly brushed finish. The visual qualities of this elegant device are subtly embellished by an engraving of the Mutant logo near the top of the battery tube.


The Mutant V2 was built for performance and durability, no question about it. Within its thick stainless steel walls lie components that allow for this mod to deliver relentless power. Both the positive and negative contacts are formed from a nickel-bronze alloy. This formulation of metals provides uninhibited conductivity and is also highly resistant to oxidation. Reliable battery and atomizer connection is ensured by the massive size of the contacts and due to the fact that the positive contact has telescopic functionality.


Along with the incredible operational longevity provided by a 26650 battery, the Mutant V2 utilizes a recessed magnetic switch that consistently fires every time it is activated. The device has a 30mm diameter, but Fall Out Mods wanted the Mutant V2 to look good with smaller sized atomizers. To accomplish this they designed the top cap to taper down to 22mm. This enables the device to look stellar with any 22mm atomizer!


The Mutant V2 may have a relatively large size, but it has a lot to offer fans of smaller devices as well. With its clean look, durable construction, and reliable functionality, the Mutant V2 negotiates the fine line between appealing aesthetics and high end performance. As a result of this, the Mutant V2 is sure to amaze even the shrewdest of vape enthusiasts.


Mutant V2 Specifications:

• Manufactured in the USA by Fall Out Mods
• Constructed from solid 316 grade stainless steel
• Mechanical device
• Nickel-bronze alloy contacts
• Telescopic positive contact
• Recessed bottom-firing switch
• Magnetic switch
• Diameter: 30 mm
• Tapered top cap (tapers to 22 mm)
• Milled engravings: Mutant logo on tubing and switch
• Battery size: 26650
• Finish: Machine brushed stainless steel

The Mutant V2 by Fall Out Mods will be available in-store and online Friday, August 1st, at 11:00am PST.

The following stores will also be releasing the Mutant V2 this Friday:

Native Vapors – Little Rock

RJvapes, Inc – Anaheim
Vape Up USA – Chula Vista
Beyond Vape - Downey
Fresno Vapor – Fresno
Dynamic Vapor - Garden Grove

Vapor Source – Pueblo

24 Hour Vapes – Aiea

Vape – Chicago

The Vapevine - Millersville

Lake Effect Vapor - Duluth

Good Smaug Vapor Lounge – Beavercreek

Pure Cloud Vapor – Killeen

Maxx Vape – Puyallup
Beyond Vape – Seatlle

EVapor of Appleton - Appleton

My Free Cig – Online Retailer

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Following the introduction of rebuildable atomizers and mechanical mods to the vaping scene a couple years back, modders worldwide have designed hardware in hundreds of different shapes and sizes, all with varying features. Regardless of how a device or atty looks, the essence of their functionality across the board is relatively similar. With the constant desire to develop a product that is so unique and performs on a level which makes it irresistible, occasionally an ambitious modder will come around and take a stab at re-engineering the genesis-style atomizer platform. The goal is always to produce a genny that offers efficient wicking, leak resistance, and incredible flavor. Very few companies succeed with this mission, but ever so often there is that one design that simply makes sense, is easy to use, and is immensely enjoyable to use. The In’Ax MkII and the In’Ax Hybrid by Athea Mods is a picture-perfect example of one of these rare combinations.

blog-athea-inax-magneto-510-atomizer-deck-0023 (1)

The In’Ax MkII [510 Atomizer]

Design and Aesthetics:

The In’Ax is a 22mm genesis-style atomizer made by the French modder Vincent Athea. Since this atomizer was designed and built for performance, Athea Mods opted to keep the external appearance as simple and clean as possible. That being said, the In’Ax MkII definitely doesn’t fall short in the looks department.

The most captivating feature of the In’Ax MkII are the fins that have been machined into the upper portion of the top cap. These make for a fairly subtle aesthetic component, but give the In’Ax a rather aggressive and eye-catching look nevertheless. Another intriguing piece of information in regards to this atty is that it has no engravings of any kind. In my opinion, this benefits the In’Ax as engravings would only detract from it’s clean appearance. However, one additional visual element is provided by the custom-made teflon mouthpiece which comes with each In’Ax.


Materials and Craftsmanship:

Athea didn’t compromise in any way with the materials used for the construction of the In’Ax. 316 grade surgical steel makes up the frame and the majority of internal components. Apart from this the only other materials used are teflon for the contact insulator and silicone for both the fill valve and positive post gaskets.

The level of craftsmanship exuded by the In’Ax MkII is impeccable. Many people were impressed by the first version of this atomizer since it was hand-turned on a lathe and had very few imperfections, which is a difficult feat. Due to high demand and to provide consistent precision, the In’Ax MkII is constructed using a C&C manufacturing process. Upon close inspection of several different atomizers, there were no noticeable flaws or blemishes seen. Even down to the threaded components of the In’Ax, every piece appears to be perfectly machined and consistent from one to the next. Which is a true testament to Athea’s manufacturing process and attention to detail.

blog-athea-inax-magneto-510-atomizer-deck-0021 (1)

Features and Functionality:

As I alluded to earlier, the In’Ax was designed to be a user-friendly and performance driven genesis-style atomizer. Athea Mods accomplished this by completely rethinking the way a genny functions. It’s a little tricky to describe the way the In’Ax works in words, but the easiest way to summarize it would be to think of the In’Ax as an upside down genesis atomizer.


The lower half of the In’Ax is a 1.5 mL tank which the wick sits in and supplies e-liquid to your atomizer coil above. The internal base of the tank itself is slightly concave which ensures that the wick is fed with juice down to the very last drop. One nice upgrade integrated into the design of the In’Ax MkII is the tank has a removable lid, making it easy to clean and maintain.


The In’Ax MkII has a threaded top cap which I really like. In my experience, top caps that use o-rings have a tendency of becoming stuck which make adjusting the build or refilling the tank a sometimes messy and frustrating experience. The first time you remove the top cap you will undoubtedly be surprised and possibly perplexed by the atomizer deck of the In’Ax, I know I was. The positive post is a thin metal rod which extends past the base of the atomizer deck and descends into the tank, eventually coming out the bottom of the 510 connector to make contact directly with the battery. This post serves two functions: one being that it provides support for the wick, and two that it supplies the electrical current to your atomizer coil. To an experienced genesis user, it is noticeable that this post has no screw to anchor the positive lead. This is because Athea engineered the In’Ax to be as easy to set up as possible.


Included with each atomizer are a variety of fittings called “gripsticks” which resemble springs and act as anchors for the positive lead of your coil. These gripsticks range in size for use with different gauges of kanthal. In addition to making the setup process quick and easy, this method also eliminates any distance between the positive post and the coil, which effectively eradicates the occurrence of hot leads. Also, the positive post provides the support necessary for wicks made of cotton, something not normally possible with genesis atomizers. Overall, the design of the atomizer deck promotes adequate wicking even when held upright, which makes using the In’Ax thoroughly satisfying.


The In’Ax MkII has one of the most-condensed atomizing chambers I’ve ever seen, which is made possible by the design of it’s positive post. This chamber enables the In’Ax to generate warm vapor with incredibly intense flavor. As an added bonus, the drip tip connector doubles as an adjustable airflow control. In its wide open setting the In’Ax has a generously-sized 1.4mm air hole. During use, the inner surface of the top cap seals the fill valve, minimizing the occurrence of leaks and atomizer floods. Lastly, the fins of the top cap act as a heat sink and help to keep the In’Ax as cool as possible during operation.

In’Ax MKII Specifications:

• Manufactured in France by Athea Mods
• 22mm Genesis-Style Atomizer
• Constructed from 316 Grade Surgical Stainless Steel
• Hybrid Version (For use with the Magneto)
• 510 Connector Version
• 1.5 mL Tank
• Removable Tank Lid
• Silicone Tank Fill Valve Gasket
• Teflon Insulator
• Positive Post Doubles as a Wick Support
• May Operate with Stainless Steel Mesh or Cotton
• Reduced Atomizing Chamber
• Adjustable Airflow Control (via mouthpiece adaptor)
• Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel
• Included Post Gripsticks: 2 for 32 Gauge Kanthal, 2 for 30 Gauge Kanthal, 2 for 28 Gauge Kanthal)
• Included Accessories: 1 Teflon Mouthpiece, Spare O-Rings, 1 Spare Teflon Insulator, 1 Spare Center Post, 1 Wick Rolling Guide, 1 Spare Fill Valve Gasket


The In’Ax Hybrid

Design and Aesthetics:

The In’Ax Hybrid also features simple, clean, and stylish visual attributes. It does, however, have one engraving of the Athea Mods logo that tastefully embellishes the surface of the switch. There are no other engravings found on the battery tubes, leaving the atomizer and device to be a very appealing pair.


Materials and Craftsmanship:

The Hybrid is constructed from mostly the same materials as the atomizer alone. 316 grade surgical steel was used to form the battery tubes, the switch housing and the switch itself. The mod does require components that aren’t necessary in the atomizer though, so with the Hybrid comes a solid brass negative contact and three magnets for the switch mechanism.

This impeccable, high-quality device has an incredibly solid feel and it’s easy to see that great care went into its construction. This is supported by its smooth threading and fluid switch movement. Without question, each and every aspect of the In’Ax Hybrid has been meticulously manufactured to meet the needs and expectations of the vape community.


Features and Functionality:

Apart from being a high-quality hybrid mechanical mod, the mod itself has a few features which make it unique. All of the innovation resides within the switch. First of all, it is a recessed bottom-firing switch. There is no need for a locking ring since the Hybrid may stand upright on a flat surface without being activated. This is a nice feature, but it can be found on several other mechanicals. The internal components and design of the switch, however, is where the In’Ax Hybrid gets interesting.

Functionally, the switch mechanism features a combination of magnets and a spring to provide its action. The tension of the switch by itself is generated by a small spring, but the three magnets that surround the negative contact are what allow this device to operate in the manner it does. When the switch is depressed it extends the brass contact upward and physically pushes the battery to make a connection directly with the atomizer. The function of the magnets is to attract the battery and pull it back down when the switch is released. Not only does this work incredibly well, but also provides a tactile “click” when the switch is activated. Finally, the throw of the switch can be lengthened or shortened by adjusting the height of the contact with a Philips screwdriver.

For added versatility, the In’Ax Hybrid uses dedicated tubes for 18350, 18500, and 18650 batteries; all of which are included. Also, to compensate for slight variations in battery height and to allow for use with 18490 batteries, the Hybrid comes with rubber, magnet, and teflon spacers which help to ensure that a proper connection is maintained regardless of the type of battery being used.

In’Ax Hybrid Specifications:

• Manufactured in France by Athea Mods
• 22mm Hybrid Device (for use with the In’Ax)
• Constructed from 316 Grade Surgical Stainless Steel
• Recessed Bottom-Firing Switch
• Magnetic/Spring-Loaded Switch
• Solid Brass Contact
• Adjustable Contact (Increases/Decreases Throw)
• Included Battery Tubes: 18350, 18500, 18650
• Engravings: Athea Mods Logo on Switch
• Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel
• Included Accessories: 2 Rubber Battery Spacers, 2 Magnetic Battery Spacers

 The In’Ax MkII & In’Ax Hybrid will be available in-store and online Friday, July 25th at 11:00am PST. 


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The Stingray X by JD Tech

July 10, 2014 | 0 Comments


JD Tech has captured the attention and earned the respect of the vaping community with their various editions of the Stingray. With a focus on designing devices with high performance, top-quality materials, and stunning aesthetics, JD Tech never ceases to amaze vape enthusiasts. Therefore it comes as no surprise that they have once again wowed us, this time with the introduction of the Stingray X.


From a distance, the Stingray X shares similarities to all the previous versions of the device. However, when viewed up close its differences become blatantly apparent. The Stingray X may utilize the same functional components as all other models, but JD Tech completely redesigned the way this mod looks.


To give the Stingray X an incredibly unique and sophisticated appearance, JD Tech constructed the tube sections from two contrasting metals. The inner layer is copper which provides uncompromised conductivity. Wrapped around the copper is the stainless steel outer layer. The combination of these two metals provides durability, beauty, and top-notch performance.


Another benefit resulting from the copper-stainless combination is the captivating two-tone appearance it provides, which is highlighted by this device’s precision milled engravings. Drawing inspiration from the prior Stingray models, the Stingray X features engravings of the JD Tech logo, Stingray emblem, and serial number. Keeping with tradition, the JD Tech logo has been engraved into the copper face of the switch. The Stingray emblem remains in the same location, on the device’s main tube section, but it has a completely different appearance than all other Stingray versions. Portions of the Stingray X emblem are cut through the outer steel layer to expose the copper layer beneath. This creates an amazingly beautiful look that is more a work of art than simply a moniker.


Functionally speaking, the Stingray X shares essentially an identical design as the other recent versions of the mod. It features an industry standard 510 connector, performance-driven silver-plated copper contacts, and a magnetic bottom-firing switch. The main 18350-sized tube may be extended with two removable sections to compensate for 18490 and 18650 batteries. For added safety, the Stingray X has a standard-threaded locking ring to prevent unintended activation.


To keep the design theme consistent, the top cap and switch feature both stainless steel and copper elements. These along with the two-tone Stingray engraving and included mouthpiece make for an immaculate setup when paired with your favorite atomizer.


With its handful of Stingray versions, JD Tech has been established as a luxury vaping hardware manufacturer. The creativity exuded with each model is remarkable and thoroughly enjoyable at the same time. With high-end performance and awe-inspiring aesthetics, the Stingray X is no exception to JD Tech’s modus operandi. It is a well-rounded device for vapers to not only carry with pride, but also revel in its reliable functionality. The Stingray X is an exciting mod and we can’t wait to see what JD Tech comes up with next!

The Stingray X by JD Tech will be available in-store and online Friday, July 11th, at 11:00am PST.



• Manufactured Entirely in the Philippines by JD Tech
• Fully-Mechanical Operation
• Constructed from Copper and 304 Grade Stainless Steel
• Magnetic Bottom-Firing Switch with Adjustable Throw
• Standard-Threaded Stainless Steel Locking Ring
• Atomizer Airflow Vents in Top Cap
• Top and Bottom Caps are Copper with a Stainless Steel Wrap
• Silver-Plated Copper Positive and Negative Contacts
• Floating Positive Contact
• Milled Engravings: Stingray Logo and Serial Number on 18350 Tube, JD Tech Logo on Switch
• Serialized
• Diameter: 22mm
• Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel overlaid onto Copper
• Included Accessories: Custom-Made Copper/Stainless Steel Drip Tip, Hybrid-Style 510 Connector, Soft Mod Carrying Case Embossed with ‘Stingray’ and ‘JD Tech’



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Rebuilding the SQuape Reloaded

July 8, 2014 | 0 Comments


The SQuape by StattQualm was well-received by the vaping community, offering a handful of unique features that made it stand out amongst other rebuildable atomizers. StattQualm didn’t stop after the success of the SQuape however, they went back to the drawing board with the goal of reengineering the SQuape to be the best atomizer it could possibly be.

StattQualm exceeded their own expectations and introduced the SQuape R[eloaded]. This astonishing rebuildable tank atomizer includes several upgrades to the original design. Including a highly effective adjustable airflow system, improved resistance to leaks and floods, increased customizability, and many more.

Although the SQuape R[eloaded] is a fairly easy atomizer to rebuild, this video will show a detailed demonstration of how to rebuild it for maximum functionality. Using the method depicted in this video will ensure that your SQuape R[eloaded] performs at its best and provides the most enjoyable vaping experience possible!

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The SQuape Reloaded by StattQualm

July 2, 2014 | 0 Comments

StattQualm made quite an impression in the vaping community when the SQuape originally released. With an absence of synthetic plastic insulators, voluminous e-liquid capacity, and the ability to rebuild without needing to drain the tank, the SQuape presented a refreshing perspective on the variety of rebuildable tank atomizers. Living up to well-established Swiss standards, StattQualm has spent the last few of months refining, improving, and perfecting the SQuape, successfully evolving it into a functioned-packed vaping powerhouse. Aptly named the SQuape R[eloaded], this atomizer is one of the most-exciting products to hit the vaping market recently!


There are so many features integrated into the SQuape R that it’s tricky to know where to begin. Aesthetically, it shares some similarities with the original SQuape, however they are far from looking identical. The top of its tank has a tapered, stepped down design which adds a unique modern look. StattQualm opted to keep the tank window cutouts, but altered the elongated ovals to be an alternating triangle pattern. This gives an appearance different from any other atomizer currently in the market.


The original version of the SQuape has minimal engravings, simply a serial number on the atomizer’s base. To reinforce branding and add a nice visual element, the SQuape R has an eye-catching logo engraved into the main steel portion of the tank as well as a serial number located on the atomizer’s base. These do a good job to accent the precisely-brushed finish of the SQuape R, making it unmistakably StattQualm.


Looks are important, no question about it, however functionality and performance will make or break an atomizer. Thankfully, the SQuape R backs up its unique appearance with a healthy amount of innovative features and uncompromising power. Much like the original SQuape, this version utilizes the ingenuity of a system where it can be rebuilt without needing to drain the tank of e-liquid.  Removing the tank will reveal the SQuape R’s cleverly-engineered atomizer deck. One change of note with this version is that the atomizer deck is removeable. This is an important modification since there are three different atomizer deck options, allowing for limitless rebuild versatility. Both the atomizer deck and removeable chimney are made from StattQualm’s proprietary Ematal material. Ematal is a non-conductive metal formula which eliminates the need for plastic insulators and effectively minimizes the need for replacement parts.


Much like the first version, every component of the SQuape R[eloaded] is made from only the highest quality materials, ensuring that they will stand the test of time. From the atomizer’s body, to the glass tank, down to the atomizer deck, each part is designed to be both durable and practical. Food grade stainless steel is used for the main frame of the SQuape R, which encases the frosted borosilicate glass tank section. As touched upon earlier, the atomizer deck and chimney are made from Ematal. Ematal is aluminum that is anodized in a special way to make it non-conductive. This enables the entire atomizer deck to act as a large insulator, preventing the incidence of hot spots and atomizer shorts.


Quite possibly the most impressive feature of the Squape R[eloaded] is its adjustable airflow control. Adjustable airflow systems found with other atomizers are often difficult to use since they operate using o-rings which have a tendency to stick. StattQualm, however, wanted to engineer an airflow control that works well and is easy to use. They accomplished this by creating an airflow ring which uses a spring-loaded ball bearing instead of o-rings. This enables the control ring to be adjusted easily and it clicks into place for each airflow setting. There are six different airflow settings, ranging from 0.9 to 3.1mm in diameter, which allow for a highly-customizable vaping experience.


A final noteworthy aspect of the SQuape is the custom SQuip drip tip which is included with each atomizer. Like the SQuape itself, the SQuip is constructed from solid food grade stainless steel and has design elements which perfectly match those of the atomizer. When the drip tip and SQuape are paired together it makes for an incredibly captivating combination. If a higher level of personalization is desired, StattQualm offers anodized aluminum tanks and airflow rings in a variety of colors are available for the SQuape R as well.


The SQuape R[eloaded] has it all: great performance, easy setup, highly customizable vaping experience, and modern good looks. Much more could be said about it, however this is one of those atomizers you have to try for yourself to understand just how amazing it is. The first version of the SQuape is a good atomizer, however the refinements offered with the SQuape R[eloaded] make it one of the top rebuildable tank atomizers in existence and a true pleasure to use!

The SQuape R[eloaded] by StattQualm will be available in-store and online Saturday, July 5th, at 11:00 AM PST!



• Manufactured in Switzerland by StattQualm
• Constructed from Solid Food Grade Stainless Steel
• Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
• Borosilicate Glass Tank Window
• Ematal Atomizer Deck and Chimney (Proprietary Anodized Aluminum Formula)
• 3 Convertible Atomizer Deck Options: Standard, Wide, Curved
• Adjustable Center Pin
• Diameter: 22mm
• Adjustable Airflow Control System: 0.9 – 3.1mm Diameter Air Holes
• Engravings: SQuape Logo, Serial Number
• Included Accessories: SQuip Drip Tip, 2 Spare O-rings, 2 Spare Post Screws
• Available Accessories: Curved Atomizer Deck, Wide Atomizer Deck, Anodized Aluminum Tanks (Black, Blue, Red), Anodized Aluminum Airflow Control Rings (Black, Blue, Red), Brass Airflow Control Ring


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Le Petit Gros by Vaponaute

June 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

For many vapers, size plays an important role in deciding on an atomizer or device. Some prefer larger setups for their ability to house higher milliamp batteries and greater e-liquid capacity. Others may opt for smaller setups since they are lighter, more compact, and easy to carry around on the go. For the fans of these minimally-sized setups, Le Petit Gros is an ideal device.


Designed and manufactured in France by Vaponaute, Le Petit Gros is one of the smallest mechanical devices ever seen! Measuring in at a mere 56mm tall, it is incredible that Vaponaute managed to engineer a mod with top-notch performance into such a small package.


A unique aspect of Le Petit Gros is its recessed hybrid-style connector, which makes even its miniscule size slightly misleading. The nature of this connector enables most atomizers with a diameter of 22mm or less to fit into the top portion of the device’s battery tube, acting like an atomizer sleeve. The benefit of this feature is that the atomizer connects to Le Petit Gros below the top of the device, which minimizes the entire length of a setup and creates an amazingly compact combination. Aside from being small, Vaponaute didn’t skimp on any of the materials used to make Le Petit Gros. Starting with the tubing which is machined from solid 316 grade stainless steel, it is durable and resistant to oxidation. The 510 hybrid-style connector is constructed from solid brass to promote the highest possible level of conductivity.


Le Petit Gros functions utilizing a recessed bottom-firing switch. The switch sits flush with the bottom cap, enabling the device to stand upright on a flat surface without firing. For a level of aesthetic customization, Vaponaute has included two switch options with each Petit Gros: one being stainless steel and the other being solid brass. The switch is designed to be removed easily, which makes swapping it out a quick and simple procedure.


With subtle curves and a brushed stainless steel finish, Le Petit Gros does not fall short visually. The slight taper to its tubing not only gives it a rather unique look, but also makes it immensely comfortable to hold. Adding a little touch of individuality, each device is laser engraved on the inner switch surface with a serial number, the Vaponaute logo, and “Le Petit Gros.”


Regardless of its small stature, Le Petit Gros remains to be an very well-rounded mechanical mod. With uncompromising performance, appealing design elements, and high-quality components, Le Petit Gros leaves nothing to be desired. When paired with a 22mm atomizer it is easy to become captivated by this impressive device.


• Manufactured in France by Vaponaute
• Mechanical Device
• Constructed from Solid 316 Grade Stainless Steel
• Solid Brass Hybrid-Style 510 Connector
• Recessed Atomizer Mounting (fits atomizers with a diameter of 22mm or under)
• Uses 18350 Sized Batteries
• Recessed Bottom-Firing Switch
• Compact Design
• Serialized
• Laser Engravings: Serial Number, Vaponaute Logo, “Le Petit Gros”
• Average Diameter: 22 mm
• Included Switch Options: Stainless Steel, Brass


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URGENT: Stop the Santa Monica Vaping Ban

June 23, 2014 | 0 Comments


The time has come again for California vapers to speak out against inappropriate e-cig regulation! The Santa Monica City Council is seeking guidance regarding future policies and regulations for electronic cigarettes. A hearing is being held at Santa Monica City Hall tomorrow, June 24th at 6:30 PM.

As it currently stands, the City Council will be basing their rulings off a biased and misleading report from the City Attorney which equates vaping with cigarette smoking. If left unopposed without accurate information from the vaping community, it is likely that e-cigs will be regulated as tobacco in Santa Monica. This means that vaping will be outlawed in public areas, including vape shops!

As proud vapers, we cannot sit quietly and let our right to vape be taken away! Let’s give our local politicians a piece of our mind and educate them on the facts about vaping. We urge you to do what you can to prevent this regulation from passing! This includes sending a petition email to the members of the Santa Monica City Council and attending the City Council hearing in person, if possible.

Don’t hesitate because the right to legally vape is at jeopardy! Do your part to help save vaping for generations to come!


Below are a list of resources that will help substantiate your claims:

Report that the Santa Monica City Council is considering

Letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) petitioning improper e-cig regulation

Study by University College London proving the effectiveness of vaping to quit smoking

Safety Study of electronic cigarettes published by Drexel University

Positive statements made by Mitch Zeller, Director, FDA Center for Tobacco Products

The Attorney General of Virginia’s opinion that smoking bans should not apply to e-cigs


Below are email addresses for the Santa Monica City Council members:

Mayor Pam O’Connor

Mayor Pro Tempore Terry O’Day

Gleam Davis

Robert Holbrook

Kevin McKeown

Tony Vazquez

Ted Winterer

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A Whole New Atmizoo!

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It’s been a while since we’ve had anything arrive from Atmizoo, but there’s a valid reason for this. The Greek company has been entirely focused on research and development for the better part of a year with the result being a plethora of exciting new products! In addition to a 22mm mechanical device called the Lab, Atmizoo has introduced optional components, accessories, and a variety of mouthpieces to its already extensive product lineup. As expansive and diverse as it was before, Atmizoo’s catalog of vaping hardware now unequivocally offers something for every vaper to enjoy.


Design & Aesthetics

Highlighting the latest wave of Atmizoo product releases is the all-new Lab. It shares many design attributes with the Guppy, however the Lab features a wider 22mm diameter which allows it to pair seamlessly with the variety of 22mm atomizers available.


Atmizoo stays true to a “form follows function” approach with the design of all their products. As a result of this mantra, the Lab has an incredibly streamlined, clean, yet subtly aggressive appearance. The Lab’s main attribute are the flat surfaces on both sides, which makes for an attractive design element and also gives it an ergonomic feel in the hand.


Finish options are always appreciated and the Lab has plenty of them. It is available in brass or 304 grade stainless steel. Each metal version utilizes two different finishes: machine brushed (Matte) and media blasted (Ice Matte Steel & Earth Matte Brass). The machining on the Matte versions is fairly light, allowing it to catch an adequate amount of light to give a slight iridescence. On the flip-side, the Ice & Earth Matte versions appear to glimmer as a result of the tiny indents created by the media blasting process.


Rounding out the visual qualities of the Lab are laser engravings located on the bottom cap. Each device is inscribed with “Atmizoo” and a unique serial number. These do a good job of providing minimal, yet efficient branding that doesn’t detract from the fluid look of the device.


Features & Functionality

Two areas where the Lab truly shines are its array of features and unwavering performance. It’s definitely not one of those mods that has killer good looks, but then falls short with functionality. From the ground up the Lab has been built for power and versatility. Starting at the top, the Lab features what Atmizoo calls a “hybrid style, future-proof” 510 connector. This refers to the fact that the top cap utilizes a pin-less 510 connector, enabling an atomizer to make a direct connection with the switch assembly. This boosts the efficiency of the connection and supplies more power to your atomizer.


Atmizoo is known for their technologically advanced switch assemblies, such as the ones used with previous devices like the Dingo, Roller, and Guppy. For the switch found in the Lab, key improvements were made to the original design to bolster performance and make it more user-friendly. The new switch assembly is completely sealed, which isolates the internal components from e-liquid, residue, and debris. It also enables the switch to be cleaned easily without the need for disassembly.


The Lab is activated by a side-firing button located on the upper portion of the device. Improvements were also made to the button’s mechanism, providing a more fluid action. As with the original design, the device can be locked with a quick 90 degree rotation of the button in either direction.


To beef up durability, all critical switch components are reinforced with liquid steel. For performance purposes, both the atomizer and battery connectors are constructed from silver-plated brass.The negative connection is made via a silver-plated brass contact located within the device’s bottom cap. As a layer of added safety, a protection circuit (PCT) is integrated into negative contact. The PCT is designed to interrupt connectivity when an atomizer or battery short-circuit occurs, however it is resettable and will not need to be replaced in the event it is engaged.


Since the Lab has a 22mm diameter, it uses an 18490/18500 battery in its stock form. However, it has the capability to run off an 18650 battery with the optional extension tubes now available as well! Upon close inspection of the Lab, it quickly becomes evident that there is more going on with it than meets the eye!

Lab Specifications

• Manufactured in Greece by Atmizoo
• Constructed from Solid Brass or 304 Grade Stainless Steel
• Mechanical Device
• Silver-Plated Brass Contacts
• Sealed Switch Assembly
• Top, Side-Firing Switch with Locking Mechanism
• Resettable Protection Circuit (PCT) Integrated into Bottom Cap (Removable)
• Hybrid Style 510 Connector/Top Cap
• Operates Using an 18490/18500 Battery (18650 with optional extension tube)
• Diameter: 22mm
• Laser Engravings: Atmizoo Logo and Serial Number on Bottom Cap
• Negative Contact Configurations: Springless-Direct, Springless-Fused, Spring-Loaded
• PCT Resistance Threshold: 0.5 Ohm
• Finish Options: Matte Stainless Steel, Ice Matte Stainless Steel, Matte Brass, Earth Matte Brass

The Lab will be available in-store and online TODAY at 11:00am PST!


Atmizoo Options, Accessories, and Other New Products

Making a triumphant return, the Dingo, Roller, and Guppy are back and now better than ever. In addition to being available in several different finish options, each of these popular devices now feature the upgraded switch assembly and button mechanism, identical to the one used for the Lab. Originally, these devices were already incredibly reliable and performance-driven and now they are even more impressive!


Atmizoo now offers a 22 mm version of the Bayou cartomizer tank along with their original smaller version. If you’re not interested in cartos, the Bayous can be paired with RBAs like the Diver, which is a small cartomizer sized rebuildable. Both versions of the Bayou are available in a variety of finishes and the 22mm option enables it to sit flush with Atmizoo devices such as the Dingo, Roller, or Lab. The smaller Bayou, however, was designed to rest on the Guppy.


In other exciting news, Atmizoo has rounded out its product catalog with all-new mouthpieces! Currently there is one style of drip tip available, but it comes in two stainless steel finishes and a handful of colored acrylic options. The Ray drip tips feature the same flat surfaces found on the Lab, making them a sleek addition to any setup and comfortable to use! These mouthpieces effectively complete the puzzle so you can now have a full color-schemed setup from Atmizoo, from device to drip tip!


With its diverse and expansive list of hardware, Atmizoo is definitely one of the most well-rounded and product-rich vaping manufacturers to date. They even offer an extensive selection of accessories, upgrades, and components which include: replacement switches, plated springs, protection circuits, alternate negative contacts, device extension tubes, atomizer stands, and much more. From the small pieces to the devices themselves, all Atmizoo products display a high level of quality and craftsmanship. From beginner to advanced, Atmizoo has something for every vaper to enjoy!


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First of the 5th Series By Element Mods

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Every once in awhile we may experience one of those rare instances where we encounter something so intriguing, so beautiful, and so captivating that we can’t help but be enamoured by it. In vaping, there have been very few products which are capable of generating this type of reaction, however the masterfully created Blue Tongue (BT) 5th Series by Element Mods is such an item. Element Mods has earned its way into the hearts of vapers worldwide with exceptional products and unparalleled customer support, but the company truly exceeded even the loftiest of expectations with the Blue Tongue 5th Series.


Packaging almost never deserves an honorable mention when discussing mods, but the BT‘s packaging is an exception. Before you even get a chance to gaze upon the BT mod for the first time, you’ll notice the creative case in which it is stored. Harry, from Element Mods, sourced wooden boxes and, with a little drilling and engraving, managed to transform these boxes into an ideal container for the BT mod and included BT Atomizer. Each box features an Element Mods logo engraved into the top face, a swivel lid, and two storage compartments for both the atomizer and device. Not only does this make an incredibly protective and efficient case, but it also ties in nicely with the Element Mods ‘nature’ motif.


The BT 5th Series mod is based on the tried and true Tree of Life design, but what makes it so special is the metal it is made from. Each component that falls under the BT 5th Series is constructed from a solid bar of Blue Tongue Damascus steel, hence the name ‘Blue Tongue.’ Any form of Damascus steel is luxurious and incredibly expensive, but Blue Tongue Damascus is forged using a proprietary method, making it even more exotic. When asked why he chose to go with Damascus, specifically the Blue Tongue variety, Harry said, “Damascus is just so intriguing because of the way it looks and the patterns you can get out of it. Most Damascus is made out of carbon steel and stainless, but the series I use is composed out of two different forms of stainless steel, so you can actually use it for the drip caps and drip tips as well. There’s no carbon in it so it won’t rust.”


It is difficult to describe the sheer beauty of the BT 5th Series in words. I felt honored when I held one for the first time and it immediately became clear that I had something special in my hands. The patterns exhibited with the Blue Tongue Damascus are mesmerizing — there’s really no other way to put it. The top cap and bottom switch feature intricate spherical shapes composed of contrasting light and dark shades of metallic grey. These swirls translate into pinstripes that run vertically along the battery tube, creating a slight ridged texture.


In addition to the natural beauty of Blue Tongue Damascus steel, the BT 5th Series has a few attractive man made appointments as well. Parallel lines are engraved up the length of the battery tube in a swirling pattern. These add a simple, yet stunning aesthetic to the device which makes it stand out from others, regardless of what angle it is viewed. True to Element Mods style, each device’s serial number and ‘5th’ are engraved on the internal side of the switch, while the Element Mods logo is engraved in the outer side of the switch and on the face of the custom mouthpiece.


The BT 5th Series does not just include a mod, but also comes with a matching atomizer and mouthpiece. At its core, the atomizer is an Elm dripper that is encased in a Blue Tongue Damascus steel top cap. The BT mod is truly a piece of art by itself, but when paired with the BT atomizer and custom Damascus mouthpiece it becomes a vaping hardware masterpiece. This is one of those items that will be noticed by anyone who comes in contact with it, vaper or not.


Aside from being a superior product, it is reassuring to know that each item from Element Mods comes with an exceptional level of support from the company. In regards to Element Mods owners, Harry conveyed, “I hope they enjoy our products because their satisfaction is the pride and joy of why we make them. We just want to build quality products for people to appreciate which will last them for years to come. We have a passion for what we build and stand behind our products 100%.”


The Blue Tongue is the first addition to the 5th Series, with more on the way hopefully soon. Harry mentioned that “the 5th Series will always be made from exotic metals and I already have about 7 or 8 picked out.” After witnessing firsthand just how impressive the Blue Tongue 5th Series is, it is incredibly exciting to speculate what Element Mods will come out with next. Until then, the Blue Tongue 5th Series will remain in a class of its own as a true work of art.

The BT 5th Series Hybrid will be available for purchase in-store and online Friday, June 20th, at 11:00 AM PST


Specifications: BT Mod

• Manufactured in Southern California by Element Mods
• Mechanical Device
• Constructed from Blue Tongue Damascus Steel
• Solid Copper Contacts
• Telescopic Positive Contact
• Reverse-Threaded Locking Ring
• Serialized
• Laser Engravings: Element Mods logo on switch, Series name (“5th”) on inner surface of switch, Serial number on inner surface of switch
• Dedicated Battery Tube: 18490 Battery
• Diameter: 22mm
• Finish: Machined Blue Tongue Damascus Steel
• 510 Connector
• Atomizer Airflow System Integrated into the Top Cap

Specifications: BT Atomizer

• Manufactured in California by Element Mods
• Atomizer Constructed from Solid Stainless Steel
• Top Cap Constructed from Solid Blue Tongue Damascus Steel
• Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
• Diameter: 22mm
• Hybrid Connector for BT Mod, Tree of Life, and Ember by Element Mods
• Tri-Post Design
• Removable Negative Posts
• Adjustable Airflow
• Removable Top Cap Lid for Access to Atomizer Deck without Removing Top Cap
• Recessed Drip Well
• Telescopic Copper Contact
• Finish: Machined Blue Tongue Damascus Steel
• Includes: Custom Blue Tongue Mouthpiece Engraved with Element Mods Logo


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