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VapeRev X ECC X 2014

September 20, 2014 | 0 Comments


It comes as no surprise that the e-cig industry is bigger now than it has ever been before, but attending the 2nd Annual Electronic Cigarette Convention was truly an eye-opening experience. This year, the event took place at the Ontario Convention Center in Southern California over the course of three days – and in that time, over 35,000 people from all over the world walked through the convention center doors. Once inside, the thousands of vapers who were able to attend the convention had their choice of over 300 vendors to visit. The almost overwhelming variety of e-liquid companies, hardware manufacturers, apparel brands, retail stores, and distribution representatives had transformed over 100,000 sq. feet of plain exhibit space into a surreal vape extravaganza for consumers to enjoy!

As a Diamond Sponsor of ECC 2013 & 2014, we had the pleasure of presenting ourselves alongside ten other outstanding brands in our very own ballroom. The VapeRev Ballroom was a 10,000 sq. ft. space where anyone could sample flavors, purchase products, ask questions, or simply relax with a drink throughout their ECC experience. After the excitement of jaw-dropping presentations, special guests, promotions and giveaways began to subside, the whirlwind of ECC inevitably came to an end. The convention was, without a doubt, an amazing opportunity to interact with the vape community, establish new relationships, catch up with existing colleagues, but more importantly, simply enjoy the moment in good company. With that said, we’d like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to attend ECC 2014, we had an amazing time, and hope you did as well!

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By now, most people who use mechanical devices and rebuildable atomizers are well familiar with JD Tech. The Philippines-based hardware manufacturer hasn’t been around for all that long, but since the company was established it has produced several different high end devices. Their ability to continuously produce stunning mechanical mods that utilize various metals in unique designs plays a major role in JD Tech’s widespread and ever-growing popularity amongst casual and die hard vapers alike. The Stingray line of devices is incredibly diverse with several different designs, metal combinations, and progressive refinements that have been established along the way. In addition to being a device with killer good looks, many models of the Stingray are produced in limited quantities, an aspect that helps to further its appeal amongst vaping enthusiasts.


Until now, JD Tech has focused strictly on devices and done a great job with them, but now they are expanding their scope into the realm of rebuildable atomizers. The Manta is the newest addition to the JD Tech lineup and it features a few adaptations to the modern design of most atomizers, which comes as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with JD Tech’s ability to change the way we think about vaping hardware. The Manta isn’t the only thing that JD Tech has for us this go around. They are also releasing two new exciting versions of the Stingray, but I’ll get to that in just a bit.


People familiar with JD Tech have high expectations for each new product the company releases and because of this, we can expect that the Manta lives up to the standards that all other JD Tech products have been held to. I’m happy to say that after breaking it down to individual components the Manta has what it takes to proudly bear the JD Tech logo. It possesses a fine balance of functionality, quality of craftsmanship, and elegant beauty. Also, as I eluded to before, the Manta has a couple tricks up its sleeve which any rebuildable fan will find intriguing.


At its core, the Manta is an incredibly compact rebuildable dripping atomizer. As small as it is you would think that it would have a fairly basic design, much like the other drippers of similar size. This is not the case with the Manta, however. The first attribute that stands out is the apparent absence of air holes on its top cap. I scratched my head at first when I noticed this because it is rudimentary knowledge to know that every atomizer needs air holes. JD Tech designed a new type of ventilation system for the Manta which is rather clever. It utilizes a top venting system where air is drawn through slits on the top of the atomizer. Air is drawn down the top cap through a hollow cavity and enters the chamber through two air holes on opposing sides of the cap. As I see it, there are two benefits of having a system like this: one being that the atomizer has a clean and flawless appearance without having blatantly visible air holes; the other being that you can’t inadvertently block the air intake during an inhale, which happens from time to time with other side venting atomizers.


Another nice feature of the Manta’s top venting air flow system is that it is adjustable. Once you remove the upper portion of the top cap by unthreading it, you will notice three slits in the airflow ring. This ring may be rotated to align with two slits on the body of the top cap itself. You can adjust the amount of air flow by setting the ring to expose less or more of the vents to provide the perfect hit with either a single or dual coil build. Once a desired air flow setting is established it may be locked in place by replacing the upper portion of the top cap.


On the topic of functionality it comes as no surprise that the Manta performs on par with some of the best atomizers on the market. In addition to its innovative air flow system, every component of the Manta is built for performance. It features a highly conductive contact which is machined from silver plated copper, helping to supply a consistent and unadulterated electrical current to your atomizer coil. Although the Manta has a compact structure, it has a surprisingly roomy drip well. It has been measured by JD Tech to hold 15 drops of e-liquid, but some reviewers say it holds more than that. Regardless, 15 drops of juice is a relatively large amount considering how small the Manta is. It is able to accomplish this in part because of its rather large drip well, but also due to the design of its negative post. Both the positive and negative posts are drilled through, making it very easy to attach a coil or coils in dual coil mode. The negative post features a slimmed down diameter toward the bottom which minimizes the amount of space it takes up on the atomizer deck. This helps to increase the amount of room for wick material which increases the amount of e-liquid this atty can hold.


Another aspect of the Manta that makes it such an impressed RDA is that it has a highly condensed atomizing chamber. Often what occurs with RDAs that allow for high air flow is that the vapor’s flavor gets muted because it is being mixed with so much oxygen. The Manta features high air flow, but flavor is preserved becuase the vapor is concentrated as it passes through the Manta’s compact atomizing chamber. This is a win-win for RDA enthusiasts because you are able to get big clouds of vapor with the Manta and still enjoy all the flavor that your favorite e-liquids provide.


Visually, the Manta features subtle design elements that give it a clean, yet eye catching look. The main body is constructed from solid 304 grade stainless steel that is polished to a high luster. The airflow ring itself serves to accent the top cap of the Manta. Three different airflow rings are included with the Manta: stainless steel, copper, and graphite chrome plated stainless steel (black). These rings are easily interchangeable and distinctly alter the look of the Manta, allowing it to pair elegantly with a large number of different devices. The only embellishments made to the Manta are the engravings of “Manta” and a serial number. Both of which have been tactfully placed on the base of the atomizer to not detract from the Manta’s clean and classy aesthetics.


Since the Manta is a 22mm RDA it combines nicely with virtually any 22mm device, but it of course looks its best when paired with the JD Tech’s Stingray. JD Tech has released several Stingray models up to this point, and now they are continuing the legacy with the introduction of the Stingray Xti and the Stingray X Black. Functionally speaking, these two new Stingray versions have the same design and features as the previous models. The only differences reside in their physical appearance.


The Stingray Xti features a construction that is the combination of solid copper and titanium. Although the inner layer is composed of copper which is wrapped with titanium, portions of the copper is exposed where the Stingray logo is engraved. This gives the device a unique and captivating two-tone appearance. Adding to the visually stunning nature of the Stingray Xti are the graphite chrome plated stainless steel locking ring and wraps that encase both the switch and top cap. Much like many that came before it, the Stingray Xti is produced in limited number with only 1000 being manufactured in total. Each Stingray Xti also includes a custom graphite chrome plated stainless steel drip tip.


The second new Stingray model is known as the Stingray X Black. Although it may look similar, this version is not to be confused with the Black Copper Stingray. For this version, JD Tech developed a new method for creating the black appearance of its tubing. The innermost layer of the Stingray X Black is constructed from solid copper which is then wrapped in a layer of graphite chrome plated stainless steel. The graphite coating is what gives the steel its black appearance. The Stingray X Black features a very interesting engraving of the Stingray logo. The engraving cuts through the outer steel layer to expose the copper underneath. The cuts of the engraving show all three layers: the black of the plating, the bare stainless steel, and the copper inner layer. This gives the Stingray X Black a unique look that has to be seen up close for the full effect. The device is accented by the JD Tech trademark top cap and switch which are wrapped with polished stainless steel and matched with a locking ring in the same finish. The included drip tip with the Stingray X Black is constructed mostly from copper, but has a black accent ring near its base to match the black on the device itself. The Stingray X Black will also be produced in limited quantities of only 1000 units being manufactured.


With all the functionality, talk of performance, and build quality set aside, I’d have to say that the most exciting aspect of these new products from JD Tech is how amazing they look together. Whether you sport either of these Stingrays in their pint-sized 18350 mode or in full 18650 mode, both of them look stunning when paired with the Manta. The combination of the custom JD Tech drip tip, with the Manta and its matching airflow ring, and either one of the two-tone Stingrays is enough to make any vaping enthusiast do a double take. Together they look like no other setup I’ve ever seen, so without a doubt, JD Tech nailed it with the customizable Manta, Stingray Xti, and Stingray X Black.


With the frequency and number of products that are released by JD Tech, it’s hard to believe that they can continuously make improvements and wow vapers with the same tenacity as they did with their first mod. JD Tech is a creative force with each of their products being more unique and impressive than the last. The Manta, Stingray Xti, and Stingray X Black are each fantastic products individually, but when paired together they are truly exquisite. The perfect blend of performance, quality, and sheer beauty is difficult to achieve, but JD Tech somehow finds a way to accomplish this balance time and time again. If JD Tech hadn’t garnered the respect of even the most shrewd of vapers before, they certainly will with either the Manta, Stingray Xti, or Stingray X Black. Where will JD Tech go from here? I have no idea, but I’m really excited to see what they come up with next.

The Manta, Stingray X Black & Stingray Xti will be available in-store and online on Wednesday, September 17th, at 11:00 am PST.


Manta Specifications: $140.00

• Manufactured in the Philippines by JD Tech
• Constructed from Solid 304 Grade Stainless Steel
• Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
• Two Post Design
• Drilled Through Posts
• Top Airflow System
• Adjustable Airflow for Single and Dual Coil Setups
• Interchangeable Airflow Rings (includes copper, stainless steel, and graphite chrome plated stainless steel)
• 510 Connector
• Silver Plated Copper Contact
• Condensed Atomizing Chamber
• Diameter: 22mm
• Laser Engravings: “Manta” and Serial Number
• Included Accessories: Copper Airflow Ring, Stainless Steel Airflow Ring, Graphite Chrome Plated Airflow Ring, Carry Pouch

Stingray Xti Specifications: $300.00

• Manufactured in the Philippines by JD Tech
• Fully-Mechanical Operation
• Constructed from Copper and Titanium
• Magnetic Bottom-Firing Switch with Adjustable Throw
• Standard-Threaded Stainless Steel Locking Ring
• Atomizer Airflow Vents in Top Cap
• Top and Bottom Caps are Copper with a Graphite Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Wrap
• Silver-Plated Copper Positive and Negative Contacts
• Floating Positive Contact
• Milled Engravings: Stingray Logo and Serial Number on 18350 Tube, JD Tech Logo on Switch
• Serialized
• Finish: Brushed Titanium overlaid onto Copper
• Included Accessories: Custom-Made Graphite Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Drip Tip, Hybrid-Style 510 Connector, Soft Mod Carrying Case Embossed with ‘Stingray’ and ‘JD Tech’
• Diameter: 22mm

Stingray X Black Specifications: $240.00

• Manufactured in the Philippines by JD Tech
• Fully-Mechanical Operation
• Constructed from Copper and Graphite Chrome Plated Stainless Steel
• Magnetic Bottom-Firing Switch with Adjustable Throw
• Standard-Threaded Stainless Steel Locking Ring
• Atomizer Airflow Vents in Top Cap
• Top and Bottom Caps are Copper with a Polished Stainless Steel Wrap
• Silver-Plated Copper Positive and Negative Contacts
• Floating Positive Contact
• Milled Engravings: Stingray Logo and Serial Number on 18350 Tube, JD Tech Logo on Switch
• Serialized
• Finish: Graphite Chrome Plated Stainless Steel overlaid onto Copper
• Included Accessories: Custom-Made Copper Drip Tip, Hybrid-Style 510 Connector, Soft Mod Carrying Case Embossed with ‘Stingray’ and ‘JD Tech’
• Diameter: 22mm

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The Latest from Luxe Mods

September 11, 2014 | 0 Comments


From the time when mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers jumped onto the vaping scene a few years back, Europe has been a powerhouse in the industry with a handful of manufacturers essentially dominating the worldwide market. This being said, while companies hailing from Greece, Portugal, Germany, and France were designing products that were quickly becoming household names, the United Kingdom was fairly quiet and producing very little when it came to vaping hardware, until recently that is. Luxe Mods is fairly new to the vaping game, but they are already making waves in the global community. Based out of England, Luxe Mods is a manufacturer of high-end mechanical devices and rebuildable atomizers. Although they are entering an already over-saturated market, Luxe Mods products display a level of quality, class, and individuality that clearly distinguishes them from the majority of other hardware companies.


One thing you will notice about Luxe Mods right away is that their products do a superb job of balancing quality, performance, and overall visual appeal. Whether it be a device or atomizer, every component is manufactured in the UK from only the highest quality materials. Luxe Mods offers hybrid setups as well as standalone devices and all are constructed from a range of different metals that carry a wide variety of finish options and specialty surface treatments.


A Luxe Mods device is designed to offer uncompromising performance and stunningly clean looks. The foundation of each device is a dedicated battery tube which eliminates unnecessary threaded components and thus maximizes conductive efficiency. Activating the device is a true pleasure with its incredibly fluid recessed bottom-firing switch, which is powered by a solid brass contact. When not in hybrid mode, an electrical current is delivered to your atomizer by way of an adjustable solid brass positive contact that is housed within the top cap’s 510 connector. Time after time, the Luxe Mod is engineered to provide a consistent, reliable, and exceedingly enjoyable vaping experience.


It is really difficult to pick an area where Luxe Mods excels considering that each of their products exudes such a high level of quality across the board. I feel that beautiful aesthetics and the variety of unique finish options that Luxe Mods hardware is available in, is exactly what separates them from the pack. Right now, we’re only getting a taste of what Luxe Mods has to offer with their diverse product line, but even the little we have is already something very special. If you’re a fan of hybrids then you will appreciate both the Luxe Copper and Luxe Brass Mods. Both the copper and brass versions are available in a perfectly brushed or pristinely polished finish. Luxe Mods focuses on clean looks and therefore neither the atomizer nor device feature any busy visual elements that would detract from an overall sleek appearance. Apart from a Luxe Mods logo and serial number which are engraved on the switch, the flawless surface of the device has been left largely untouched with the exception of few machined channels, which provide a slight hint of aesthetic texturing.


As I mentioned earlier, Luxe Mods has developed several completely unique specialty finishes and coatings which have never been seen before. The first of which we have the pleasure of carrying is the Luxe Chocolate Mod. Luxe Mods will not divulge any trade secrets, but what they will say is that the chocolate color and textured surface of the Luxe Chocolate is created by a special surface treatment that is applied to stainless steel. This becomes evident when you look closely at the machined grooves on the device that expose the bare stainless steel underneath. This combination of colors also adds a nice contrast to the device’s appearance. The aesthetics of this decadent device are further accented by stainless steel top and bottom caps as well as a brass switch. The Luxe Chocolate Mod comes as a set that includes three dedicated tubes for 18350, 18490, and 18650 batteries, giving you the flexibility to decide which size to use depending on different situations. Each set also includes a matching chocolate drip-tip which helps to round out the overall look of your setup, regardless of the atty you choose to use. Aesthetically, it can be stated without question that the Luxe Chocolate Mod is unlike any other product in the market at the moment.


If you are going to opt for one of the hybrid setups from Luxe Mods then you will not be disappointed. We’ve already established that the device leaves nothing to be desired and the atomizer holds to the same standards. Functionally, it is a rebuildable dripping atomizer that is designed to maximize flavor and offer a simple setup process. Since it’s not meant to generate massive clouds of vapor, the Luxe Mods RDA utilizes a two post design for use with single coil builds. The positive post is constructed from brass and is equipped with a pair of washers in addition to a knurled ring, which makes anchoring your positive lead easy without using any tools. A generous drip well has been machined into its atomizer deck which allows for an ample amount of wick material to soak up enough e-liquid to keep you vaping for a good amount of time before adding more juice. One innovative aspect of the Luxe Mods RDA is that the atomizer deck and internal surface of the top cap are constructed from stainless steel which won’t react with your e-liquid. The top cap is then wrapped in either copper, brass, or whatever other metal was used to construct the device itself. This is a nice touch considering that soft metals such as brass and copper are more susceptible to undergoing chemical reactions when in contact with liquids.


The visual appearance of the Luxe Mods RDA utilizes the same elements as the device does. It features incredibly clean and stylish aesthetics that perfectly match the device when paired in hybrid mode. As a finishing touch, each hybrid set includes a custom matching drip tip which is subtly embellished by an engraving of the Luxe Mods logo. The stunning combination of the Luxe Mods device, hybrid RDA and drip tip create not only an amazingly captivating setup, but also one that provides exemplary performance.


It may have taken awhile for Great Britain to show up to the vaping scene, but it was clearly worth the wait. Luxe Mods brings a line of refreshingly unique products to a market that was growing increasingly stale. We’re only touching the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Luxe Mods has to offer. The creators of Luxe Mods are continuously designing new products and experimenting with new combinations of metals to develop more hardware items that are completely different and inspiring in their own right. With the few impressive products from Luxe Mods that we have had the pleasure to experience, it’s exciting to imagine what they will present in the near future. In the meantime, Luxe Mods has presented us with a few great products to enjoy until their next wave of innovation is bestowed upon us.

Luxe Chocolate Mod/Luxe Brass & Copper Hybrid Specifications: $340.00/$350.00

• Manufactured in Great Britain by Luxe Mods
• Constructed from Solid Copper, Solid Brass, or Chocolate Surface Treated Stainless Steel
• Mechanical Device
• 510 Connector
• Solid Brass Contacts
• Adjustable Positive Contact
• Recessed Spring-Loaded Bottom-Firing Switch
• Engraved Luxe Mods Logo on the Switch
• Battery: 18350
• Diameter: 22mm
• Finish: Brushed Brass, Polished Brass, Brushed Copper, Polished Copper, Chocolate Surface Treated Stainless Steel
• Packaged in a Custom Luxe Mods Tin
• Luxe Chocolate Mod Includes a Custom Matching Chocolate Drip Tip

Luxe Mods RDA Specifications

• Manufactured in Great Britain by Luxe Mods
• Constructed from Copper and Stainless Steel; or Brass and Stainless Steel
• Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
• Hybrid Connector for Use with Luxe Mods Devices
• Solid Brass Contact (Adjustable)
• Two Post Design
• Brass Positive Post with Knurled Rings for Anchoring Coil Leads
• Singled 1.2mm Air Hole
• Recessed Drip Well
• Internal Surface of Top Cap and Atomizer Deck are Constructed from Stainless Steel
• Diameter: 22mm
• Engravings: “Made in Britian” and “Luxe Mods” Located on Hybrid Connector
• Finish: Brushed Brass
• Included Accessories: Custom Matching Mouthpiece with Engraving of the Luxe Mods Logo, Spare o-rings


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Join Us At ECC 2014 This Weekend!

September 3, 2014 | 0 Comments

ECC 2014 is only a few days away and we’ve got an exciting lineup of brands, giveaways, and other activities planned to take place in our ballroom this year! Since there’s so much good stuff happening amongst us and all of our “Featured Brands”, we wanted to take a minute to provide you with some more details about the brands listed below, as well as what to expect from all of us in the VR Ballroom during this event weekend!


Our Featured Ballroom Brands For ECC 2014:

ReHAB Vapors has been around for quite some time now and the company has built up a loyal following of fans. This is in part because of their incredibly well-balanced e-liquid flavors and also due to their philanthropic practices. Since day one, ReHAB has been dedicated to giving back to the community and gives 5% of their proceeds to recovery centers throughout the Southern California area. Will and Matt from ReHAB are great guys, so be sure to visit their booth and see what these great guys have for you to enjoy! ReHAB will also be conducting juice sampling and giveaways at their booth, so if you see the “Faces of ReHAB”, snap a quick photo and share it to social media for your chance to win!

Mr. Good Vape
Gary Riddle, Chris Davis, and the rest of the team have built one of the most prolific e-liquid brands with the “Godfather of Vaping,” Mr. Good Vape. For years now, vapers all over the world have enjoyed the amazing flavors from this Southern California based juice brand. Mr. Good Vape is always in tune with what the vaping community wants and they make every event one to remember. This year at ECC they are promising an interactive and entertaining booth for enthusiasts to enjoy. Based on previous events, we’re looking forward to seeing what Mr. Good Vape comes up with this year! Stop by the Mr. Good Vape booth in the VapeRev Ballroom for juice sampling and further details on how you can win a Circle of Mod complete setup!

Midas has been a part of the VapeRev family for years now and both companies have thrived throughout their partnership. Midas is based in Southern California and offers an extensive lineup of 16 popular e-liquid flavors, many of which have earned worldwide acclaim. If you haven’t tried all of the delicious flavors from Midas, then you need to stop by their booth this year in the VapeRev Ballroom! In addition to flavor sampling, fans will be able to take part in complete e-liquid line giveaways throughout each day at ECC! Come find out why Midas is one of the most successful e-liquid brands in the world and enjoy the variety of games this company has planned for their giveaways!

Juice By Numbers
Eric Silverman and Andres Gomez are the fun-loving duo behind Juice by Numbers. For quite some time now, Juice By Numbers has been producing flavorful, high quality e-liquids from there facility in Southern California. Stop by the Juice by Numbers booth in the VapeRev Ballroom at ECC this year to sample all of their delectable e-liquids and to find out more about their contest requirements for your chance to win a “40oz” bottle of their widely popular Juice #4!

Randy Freer, the creator of Southern California based P.O.E.T. Electronic Nectars, started the company with the mission of offering complex and enjoyable e-liquid flavors that are blended with only the highest quality ingredients. Randy prides himself on developing a variety of worldly flavor profiles that are widely enjoyed by vapers everywhere. To continue this legacy, Randy will be involving all those who attend ECC this year in the decision process for the next P.O.E.T. flavor to be released. This year, P.O.E.T. will be inviting all the guests of ECC to sample the 3 unreleased flavors, followed by the step of submitting votes for their personal favorite! After ECC concludes, Randy will be tallying all the votes to determine which flavor profile will be released next!

RnD is a relatively new addition to the VapeRev lineup of juice brands, but in the short time they have been with us the company has enjoyed incredible growth. The tasty flavors from RnD have become some of the most popular e-liquids that VapeRev offers. RnD’s product line is set to expand with the upcoming addition of their fourth e-liquid which is a savory strawberry shortcake flavor. RnD needs your help this year at ECC, so stop by their booth in our Ballroom to help them pick a name for this #Decide4RnD flavor! The name with the highest number of votes out of the 3 options will become the name on the next labels to be printed. While you look forward to juice sampling, RnD is looking forward to your feedback!

MacSauce is the most recent addition to the list of VapeRev’s, and VR Distribution’s exclusive e-liquid brands. MacSauce is based in Southern California and the company’s owner, Marco Roman, is also the mastermind behind the immensely popular Macaveli Hybrid device. This year at ECC MacSauce will be inviting you to sample all of their e-liquid flavors while also giving away a full line of MacSauce Premium Juice each day! The logo for this SoCal company resembles the “Parental Advisory / Explicit Content” labels found on some of the most memorable album covers throughout time. To participate in the MacSauce giveaways, guests will have to pick from the album covers MacSauce provides and take a picture with it before posting on Instagram. As one of the few ballroom brands who have specific times to announce the winner for each daily prize, be sure to check out the MacSauce booth so you don’t miss out on this delicious line up!

Mythic Haze
Mythic Haze is an e-liquid brand based locally in Southern California, and although they aren’t exclusive to VapeRev, we were happy to have their company in the VapeRev Ballroom this year at ECC! CJ Lewis, the sole creator of Mythic Haze, is really excited to release his newest flavor, Apollo! For those attending ECC, Apollo is a sumptuous banana cake flavor that boasts of a ripe banana inhale and a warm cream cake finish. Stop by the Mythic Haze booth and pose next to the “Greek Gods” you’ll see displayed alongside the great flavors from Mythic Haze!

BoilerMaker is brand new to the vaping scence and we’re proud to announce that they will be making their debut in the VapeRev Ballroom this year at ECC! BoilerMaker is a collaboration between Doug Hughes, Brent Brunner, and Jeff Brookes. Doug specializes in manufacturing, Brent is an expert in branding, while Jeff’s background as a professionally trained chef makes him a perfect fit for recipe and product development. BoilerMaker’s initial e-liquid lineup will consist of three delightful flavors, including Hammer (hazelnut and toffee), Anvil (creamy custard), and Chisel (black currant chocolate merlot). Stop by their booth this year in the VapeRev Ballroom to be one of the first people to try these new flavors!

Planet of the Vapes
Planet of the Vapes is making the trek all the way from Sacramento to participate in this year’s ECC and we’re glad they’re joining us in the VapeRev Ballroom! They have a lot going on for the event this year. In addition to giveaways and juice sampling, Planet of the Vapes will be releasing five new juice brands by Liquid Lineup and will also be introducing the new Caeser RDA! Stop by their booth to check out all of the exciting new products that Planet of the Vapes has to offer!

Raffles & Giveaways

This year at ECC we have an extensive list of hardware and juice to giveaway! We are raffling one grand prize each day at ECC! Stop by the VapeRev Ballroom to earn raffle tickets for your chance to win a White Velvet Luxe device by Luxe Mods on Friday, a Water Series Droplet device by Element Mods on Saturday, or a Limited Five Pawns Edition Skeleton Key device by Skeleton Key Mech on Sunday! Try to get your hands on as many raffle tickets as you can to increase your odds of winning one of these amazing devices!

In addition to the great hardware raffles we’ll have, there will also be plenty of giveaways courtesy of our featured juice vendors. Stop by the VapeRev Ballroom to enjoy giveaways from the following e-liquid brands: Mr. Good Vape, P.O.E.T., Juice by Numbers, MacSauce, BoilerMaker, ReHab, Midas, RnD, Mythic Haze and Planet of the Vapes!

While you’re visiting the VapeRev Ballroom make sure to check out all the great products that we will have available for sale. There are several new products being release this year at ECC, including items from: Ritual Machine, Caravela, Science of Vaping, Luxe Mods, BDM, and many more!

For those of you that don’t know the details of this year’s ECC you will find them below:

Where: Ontario Convention Center – 2000 E. Convention Center Way, Ontario, CA 91764
When: Friday, September 5th – Sunday, September 7th
Friday: 2 pm – 9 pm
Saturday: 12 pm – 10 pm
Sunday: 9 am – 3 pm

To register for ECC before the event click here or you may purchase tickets at the convention center

We look forward to seeing you this year at ECC!


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The Zombi by Ritual Machine

August 31, 2014 | 0 Comments


Not too long ago, two friends from Long Beach took it upon themselves to create a device that lived up to their personal standards for quality, visual appeal, and functionality. To most of us this would be a fairly tall order to fulfill, but with their combined professional skillsets of Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering they were already ahead of the game. The company that was formed as a result of this partnership was aptly dubbed “Ritual Machine,” which relates to the act of vaping as an effective replacement for the ritual of smoking. The latest version of the Zombi by Ritual Machine has been functionally and aesthetically refined in addition to coming in an 18650 size as opposed to the 18490 size like the previous version. The Zombi serves as an appropriate representation of their design prowess and appreciation for art which borders on the fringe of societal norms.


The physical design of the Zombi doesn’t stray too far from the standard cylindrical form, however it does separate itself with impeccable craftsmanship, meticulous construction, and quality materials. The Zombi is available in two versions: one constructed from solid stainless steel and the other is formed from solid brass. Whether brass or stainless, the Zombi has an incredibly sturdy feel due to its thick-walled tubing. Clean, smooth threading is always a good indication of a high quality device and the Zombi has this in spades. Each threaded component has been precisely machined, leaving it free of burs and imperfections.


Every component of the Zombi has been engineered for power, which becomes apparent when the device is activated. The guys at Ritual Machine don’t see the need in having a positive contact so they omitted it from the design of the Zombi. Instead, a hybrid style top cap is utilized which shortens the overall length of the mod and also allows for a direct connection between the battery and atomizer. Since there is no positive contact present to compensate for battery length, the switch itself adjusts to ensure a proper battery connection is maintained.


The Zombi’s switch may seem to have a relatively standard design, however there is an impressive amount of engineering integrated into it. Functionally, the switch is powered by two rather large magnets. The contact is constructed from highly conductive copper which is encircled by a proprietary FDA approved heat-resistant polymer for insulation. As I touched on previously, when the switch is threaded onto the battery tube it adjusts for battery length and stops once an appropriate connection is made. For safety purposes, vents have been integrated into the internal portion of the switch and the device may be disabled by engaging the reverse-threaded locking ring.


Finishing aesthetic touches are made to the Zombi by two groups of precise laser engravings. The lower portion of the battery tube features the Zombi emblem, which carries a gothic feel and ties in nicely with the Ritual Machine motif. The second set of engravings is located on the switch’s surface. Here you will find the Ritual Machine logo, device size, a latin inscription which translates as “raise the dead,” and serial number. One other element worth noting in regards to the engravings is that if you look closely at the skull on the switch you will notice that there is a Zombi logo on the skull’s forehead.


At first, the Zombi by Ritual Machine may seem to be just an ordinary mechanical mod. However, after using and disassembling the device it becomes clear that it is anything other than typical. With several finely tuned and expertly constructed components, the Zombi is capable of performing among the most enjoyed devices in existence. This coupled with its attractive visual attributes make the Zombi an ideal mod for anyone who appreciates a good balance between functionality and style.

The Zombi by Ritual Machine will be available for purchase in-store, online, and at ECC on Friday, September 5th at 11:00 am PST.

Zombi Mod Specifications – $180

• Manufactured by Ritual Machine in Southern California
• Constructed from Solid Stainless Steel or Brass
• Mechanical Device
• Magnetic Bottom-Firing Switch
• Reverse-Threaded Locking Ring
• Solid Copper Contact
• FDA Approved Heat-Resistant Polymer Insulator
• Hybrid-Style Top Cap
• Battery: 18650 (dedicated tube)
• Diameter: 22mm
• Laser Engravings: Zombi Emblem (battery tube), Ritual Machine Logo, Device Size, Serial Number, In Latin: “Raise The Dead ” (switch)
• Finish Options: Lightly Brushed Stainless Steel, Lightly Brushed Brass


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Back when the Kayfun by SvoëMesto first arrived on the vaping scene there wasn’t another product that came close to it. It provided vapers with the first tank atomizer that was easy to set up, wouldn’t leak, produced amazing flavor, and didn’t need to be tilted in order to wick properly. With everything that the Kayfun had to offer at the time, it came as no surprise that it almost instantaneously became the most popular atomizer in the world. The demand for the Kayfun was intense and since so many people purchased one, there subsequently became a huge potential market for Kayfun accessories and aftermarket components. This scenario presented an opportunity for hardware manufacturers to capitalize on. One such company that took, and still takes advantage of the Kayfun craze is Science of Vaping, often referred to as “SOV”. Chris Joaquin started S.O.V. last year with the intention of producing unique and high quality accessories as well as custom parts exclusively for the Kayfun. In order to garner inspiration for his products he paid attention and listened to comments made by Kayfun enthusiasts as to what would make the atomizer better. After a considerable amount of time spent on research and development, Chris came up with a rather extensive product line dedicated solely to the almighty Kayfun.


Each Kayfun item in the S.O.V. catalog has been engineered with the highest level of precision to seamlessly integrate with the Kayfun, thus maintaining the operating integrity of the atomizer. S.O.V. now produces quite a few Kayfun accessories, but there are a handful that stand out. One of my favorites from S.O.V. is the glass tank conversion kit for the Kayfun. This conversion kit eliminates the need for plastic tank windows and replaces them with glass, allowing you to vape on even the most intense menthol or cinnamon flavors with your Kayfun while still seeing your juice! These glass tank windows are available in an extended or compact version so you can pick whichever one works best for you. S.O.V. also produces a generous amount of modified tank options and configurations for the Kayfun, allowing for a high level of customization when it comes to the atomizer. S.O.V. also engineered a sleek and stealthy nano tank for the Kayfun. In addition, they created a shortened chimney for use with the nano tank setup so that the Kayfun functions properly.


If you’re a fan of the full-sized Kayfun then S.O.V. has a few options you may be interested in. They designed new tank sections from 304 grade stainless steel which gives the atomizer a completely different look. These tank options are also available with contrasting brass, copper, or matte steel accent rings. Additionally, S.O.V. produces a one piece stainless steel tank so that you can use your Kayfun with a full metal jacket.


One of the most innovative accessories that S.O.V. offers is a Kayfun dripper conversion. This kit effectively eliminates your Kayfun’s tank and converts the atomizer into an RDA! The conversion kit is available in a polymer or stainless steel option and the top cap is equipped with an o-ring which allows for easy removal for dripping purposes. This conversion kit in addition to all the other exciting exciting accessories from S.O.V. make the Kayfun one of the most versatile atomizers in the world!


The Science of Vaping became a popular and reputable company rather quickly, which was due to their diverse line of innovative and well-made products. The widespread success of S.O.V. products inspired the company to branch out. Now, in addition to Kayfun accessories, the company also manufactures a full line of custom stainless steel mouthpieces. These drip tips range in size and design, but all are constructed from solid 304 grade stainless steel and have been machined perfectly. With so many different styles to choose from, there will surely be one that matches your setup!


In addition to its lines of drip tips, S.O.V. has also introduced a rebuildable dripping atomizer to its product catalog. The Science of Dripping 5k (S.O.D. 5k) is a 22mm RDA with clean aesthetics and a couple of intelligent features which provide optimal functionality. The S.O.D. 5k is constructed from solid 304 grade stainless with all components manufactured locally in the Southern California.


The S.O.D. 5k is powered by an atomizer deck that features a tri-post design. To maximize the amount of space on the deck as well as increase conductivity and airflow, the two negative posts have been integrated into the sides of the deck itself. This means that the posts themselves are machined as one piece along with the atomizer deck. The center post has two knurled rings which make anchoring the positive leads for multi-coil setups easy to do with your fingers. The S.O.D. 5k also features a generously-sized drip well to provide ample room for elaborate builds and a healthy amount of wick material.


One unique feature of the the S.O.D. 5k is its airflow system. The air hole is drilled into the top cap at angle to face the atomizer deck directly. This in conjunction with the reduced radius of the top cap allows vapor to be scooped up during the inhale. As a result of this, vapor production is maximized while flavor and vapor temperature are preserved. This airflow system is efficient enough for only one air hole to be necessary for even dual-coil builds, however a top cap with two air holes is available as well.


Aesthetically, the S.O.D. 5k is incredibly clean. The top cap features one simple laser engraving of the Science of Vaping logo, which embellishes its lightly brushed stainless steel finish. Each S.O.D. 5k includes a custom stainless steel mouthpiece which features a reduced radius chamber, helping to intensify the flavor of your vapor. With its simple yet stylish design, the S.O.D. 5k looks stunning on a wide variety of 22mm devices. One of the cleanest combinations is of the S.O.D. 5k and Lifestyle Mod by A.V.P. This is perhaps because Chris of S.O.V. formed a side venture with Andy Han which became the Assemble Vaping Project, or A.V.P. Many of the design elements of the S.O.D. 5k closely match those of the Lifestyle Mod, which allows the two to pair perfectly.


Chris and the rest of the team at Science of Vaping executed their plan exceeding well. They were able to successfully introduce a line of Kayfun accessories that are not only well made, but offer an extensive amount of options which enable the Kayfun to be customized to meet the needs of any vaper. These items in combination with the line of S.O.V. drip tips and the Science of Dripping 5k RDA make S.O.V. a relatively well-rounded hardware manufacturer with a lot to offer a wide range of vaping enthusiasts. With the level of quality and innovation of S.O.V. products, it will be exciting to see what they come out with in the hopefully near future!

The Science of Dripping 5k and Kayfun accessories by Science of Vaping are now available in-store and online!

Science of Dripping 5k RDA Specifications – $80

• Constructed from Solid 304 Grade Stainless Steel
• Manufactured in the United States by the Science of Vaping
• Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
• 510 Connector
• Tri-Post Design
• Negative Posts are Integrated into the Atomizer Deck
• Positive Post Features Two Knurled Rings for Lead Anchoring
• Stainless Steel Contact
• Deep Drip Well
• Reduced Radius Atomizing Chamber
• Single Air Hole
• Air Hole Angles Toward the Atomizer Deck to Scoop Vapor and Direct it Towards the Mouthpiece
• Diameter: 22mm
• Laser Engraving: S.O.V. Logo on Top Cap
• Included Accessories: Spare O-Rings, Spare Delrin Insulator, Stainless Steel Dowel for Vertical Coil Configurations
• Available Option: Dual Air Hole Top Cap


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The Lifestyle Mod by AVP

August 22, 2014 | 0 Comments


Anyone looking to dive into the realm of mechanical mods or rebuildable atomizers will know that for the most part it is far from an inexpensive lifestyle choice. With the exception of very few, brand name mechanical devices and rebuildable atomizers carry quite hefty price tags. Most range from the $150 mark all the way up to several hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars. In these tight economic times the majority of vapers out there aren’t able to afford a few hundred bucks for a new vape setup, but what other options are there? Do you buy a counterfit and hope that it is, and will remain to be safe enough to use? Up until now this dilemma was a tricky one, but Assemble Vaping Project (AVP) set out to remedy this issue. The AVP team formed with a mission to develop high quality hardware that’s available at an affordable prices. This may sound like a tall order, but they have accomplished their goal and delivered the Lifestyle Mod.


Everything about the Lifestyle Mod says high-end quality, but you’d never know it based on the price. From the manufacturer it arrives presented in a custom box with each of the battery tubes and accessories neatly contained in fitted foam sections. Upon removing any one of the three battery tubes from the packaging you will immediately feel the weight of the metal. This is an indication of the high quality materials that were used to form the Lifestyle Mod. The main structure of the mod is constructed from solid 303 stainless steel which makes the device highly stable and incredibly durable. Which is a trait that’s normally found with more expensive mechanicals.


Aesthetically, the Lifestyle Mod has been designed for vapers who appreciate stylish simplicity. It features a lightly brushed stainless steel finish, and an engraved ring or two depending on the battery tube size you’re looking at. The reason for this minimal variation from one tube to the next is so that every Lifestyle owner can have something slightly different in their hand at any time. The clean appearance of the Lifestyle Mod is undoubtedly attractive, even without the flair of multiple emblems or logos. The lack of such engravings doesn’t diminish the Lifestyle’s performance value either!


Functionally speaking, the Lifestyle Mod can hang with the best of them! It includes three dedicated battery tubes for use with 18350, 18490, or 18650 batteries. AVP utilized highly conductive brass for the contacts and the positive contact is telescopic to ensure that a stable battery connection is made at all times.


A unique feature of the Lifestyle Mod is that the switch housing for its recessed magnetic switch is integrated into the battery tube itself. This not only minimizes the number of parts, but increases the conductive efficiency of the device since electrical current is inevitably lost with tube threading. The switch itself is powered by three separate magnets. This enables the tension of the switch to be adjusted by changing the number of magnets in opposition between one and two. AVP also included a battery spacer to allow for flat top batteries to be used with the device, which is much appreciated since many vapers use these types of batteries.


Although the Lifestyle carries simplistic style, one thing AVP does believe is that every daily device should have a matching mouthpiece that accents the mod! Although it may appear a bit plain, the Lifestyle Mod’s 22mm diameter and neutral steel look allow it to pair flawlessly with a wide variety of 22mm atomizers. Place the matching drip-tip on top of your Lifestyle and atty of choice, and you’ve got a solid setup that looks as good as it feels!


AVP’s desire to bring high-end hardware to people with more constricted budgets deserves an applause. Just because the Lifestyle Mod costs less, you’ll be pleased with its ability to perform like the rest! When you consider its performance capabilities, quality construction, and classic look, the Lifestyle Mod a great option for really any vaper, experienced or entry level. Kudos AVP.

The Lifestyle Mod by AVP will be available in-store and online today, August 22nd, at 11:00 am PST.

Lifestyle Mod Specifications – $125

• Design and Manufactured in the United States by AVP
• Constructed from Solid 303 Stainless Steel
• Mechanical Device
• Solid Brass Contacts
• Telescopic Positive Contact
• Recessed Magnetic Bottom-Firing Switch
• Adjustable Switch Tension
• Includes 3 Dedicated Battery Tubes: 18350, 18490, and 18650
• Includes Spacer to Allow for Use with Flat Top Batteries
• Switch Housing Integrated into the Battery Tubes
• Diameter: 22mm
• Includes Custom Matching Drip Tip
• Finish: Lightly Brushed Stainless Steel


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For awhile now, Element Mods has been at the forefront of the market for devices and atomizers with popular products such as the Tree of Life, Ember and Elm RDA. Vaping enthusiasts truly appreciate the level of care, quality construction, and amazing performance that’s exhibited by all Element Mods products, and the same will remain true with their latest items as well. With the recent rise in popularity of devices that utilize the power and longevity of 26mm batteries, Element Mods has opted to offer this community a 30mm addition to both the Earth and Fire Series. This SoCal based manufacturer has also produced a 30mm rebuildable dripping atomizer to compliment the larger devices for a complete setup that’s a performance powerhouse! The Timber, Bonfire, and Elm XL carry all of the impressive qualities that previous Element Mods hardware has, and the quality standard that’s been established is something vapers around the world admire about Element Mods!


For the design of the 303 stainless steel Timber and the naval brass Bonfire, Element Mods utilized the established format found in their well-received 22mm devices, and simply made it bigger. All the quality components presented with the Timber and Bonfire are identical to the Tree of Life and Ember, which ensures that they’ll both provide a remarkable experience for you to enjoy!


Functionally speaking, the Timber and Bonfire operate just as the Tree of Life and Ember do. Instead of a 22mm diameter, they boast of a 30mm diameter to accommodate the 26mm batteries they use. For efficient conductivity and powerful performance, both the positive and negative contacts are constructed from solid copper. The positive of which is telescopic to compensate for slight variations in battery length and to ensure proper battery connection is maintained at all times. The Timber and Bonfire also feature a spring-loaded bottom-firing switch which can be locked with a simple twist to the reverse threaded locking ring. As an additional customization option, Element Mods has also produced 26500 battery tubes for those who would like a shorter 30mm device rather than the 26650 sized device the Timber and Bonfire are presented as!


Although there are now several 30mm atomizers on the market, none of them will compliment your Timber or Bonfire quite like the 30mm Element Mods atomizer will! Which Element Mods easily acknowledged, and as a result, we have the Elm XL. This oversized RDA mirrors the design elements found in its smaller predecessor but presents them on a grander scale. Similar to the 22mm Elm, the XL version has hybrid threading, a solid copper contact, appealing airflow, and a removable top cap for your convenience. The same user-friendly features that have allowed the Elm to be an everyday atty for those who prefer dripping, will surely be the features that XL owners will appreciate.


From a visual standpoint the Timber, Bonfire, and Elm XL leave little to be desired. The level of precision upheld with the machining of each component is absolutely impeccable. All three items possess a lightly brushed finish that has been embellished with crisp laser engravings of the Element Mods logo. Both the 26650 and 26500 battery tubes feature unique engravings to represent the Bonfire and Timber, and they will remain as designs that are dedicated to 30mm mods. Although the Bonfire and Timber logos are different, the Earth or Fire Series name and the device serial number remain the same and reside on the inner surface of the switch.


In addition to the 26500 battery tubes, naval brass caps have been made for the Elm XL as another customization option. By placing an EM drip-tip up top, you can mix and match any of the Element Mods hardware for a completely captivating combo that’s extremely eye-catching!


As a display of gratitude, Element Mods will also be placing a total of five Limited Edition Damascus steel drip-tips inside the packaging of randomly selected Timber and Bonfire devices. Harry, the down-to-earth guy behind Element Mods, has been overwhelmed by the vape community’s warm reception of his products and this “golden ticket” sort of giveaway is simply his creative approach to expressing a fun and special “thank you” to the Element Mods supporters out there!


With reliable performance, quality craftsmanship, attractive aesthetics, and the chance to receive an Damascus EM drip-tip, this Friday’s release of the Timber, Bonfire, and Elm XL should definitely be taken into consideration if you’re interested in a 30mm setup. Since each of these new arrivals bear the highly acclaimed Element Mods logo, it’s safe to say that you won’t be disappointed!

The Timber, Bonfire, & Elm XL will be available in-store and online Friday, August 22nd, at 11:00 am PST.

Timber & Bonfire Specifications – $200

• Manufactured in Southern California by Element Mods
• Constructed from Solid 303 Stainless Steel (Timber) or Solid Naval Brass (Bonfire)
• Mechanical Device
• Solid Copper Contacts
• Telescopic Positive Contact
• Spring-Loaded Bottom-Firing Switch
• Reverse-Threaded Locking Ring
• Runs Hybrid with the Elm XL
• Diameter: 30mm
• Battery: 26650
• Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel (Timber), Brushed Brass (Bonfire)
• Engravings: Timber/Bonfire Emblem (Battery tube), Element Mods Logo (Outer switch surface), Series Name & Serial Number (Inner switch surface)
• Available Accessories: 26500 Battery Tube – $50

Elm XL Specifications – $130

• Manufactured in Southern California by Element Mods
• Constructed from Solid 303 Stainless Steel
• Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
• Tri-Post Design
• Oversized Drip Well
• Adjustable Airflow Control
• Adjustable Solid Copper Contact
• Hybrid Threading For Use With Timber or Bonfire
• Removable Top Cap Lid
• Engravings: ‘Element Mods USA’ (Internal Surface Surrounding Contact)
• Diameter: 30mm
• Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel
• Available Accessories: Brushed Naval Brass Cap – $40


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Following the rise of rebuildable dripping atomizers, a subculture within the vaping scene has certainly emerged. The enthusiasts that make up this tight-knit society stay true to their mission which is to constantly pursue the most radical builds with the hopes of generating the largest and most impressive vapor clouds. These ambitious individuals aptly dubbed themselves “cloud chasers,” and what may sound juvenile to some is taken extremely serious by others. Several companies have been formed as a result of the passion behind the cloud chaser’s dedication to massive vapor production. Cloud Kicker Society (CK|S) is one such company, which was established originally as a designer and manufacturer of apparel geared towards the vape community.


Due to the quick and widespread success of their apparel lines, CK|S soon decided to expand their operations with a goal of introducing high-end hardware to their apparel lineup. What started with the production of stylish drip-tips quickly progressed to much, much more. With the help of Aether Tech’s engineering team, CK|S was able to move from vape accessories to the production of hardware. The byproduct of this collaboration is a 26650 mechanical called The Notorious Mod, which comes complete with a Plume Veil dripping atomizer and a drip-tip to match the device’s eye-catching finish. Every aspect of The Notorious has been designed with cloud chasing in mind, but it takes a closer look to decipher what truly makes the Notorious Mod unique.


Designed and manufactured entirely in the United States, the materials and craftsmanship for both this device and its accompanying atty are both on point. The Notorious is largely constructed from 360 series brass. This includes the battery tubing, switch housing and the top cap. This type of brass is not only attractive, but also highly conductive. The machining performed on all components of The Notorious have transformed it from a block of brass to a finished product that is precise, and leaves no flaws to speak of.


Rather different from normal, the Plume Veil is constructed from solid stainless steel. It features a 22mm diameter atomizer deck and a 30mm top cap which enables it to sit flush with the 30mm diameter of The Notorious. Since rebuildable dripping atomizers get fairly hot during use, the design of the Plume Veil has been engineered to abate this. The entire top cap is constructed from highly heat resistant black delrin. In addition to looking really good, the delrin retains far less heat than metal and stays cool to the touch even during periods of heavy use.


As for its performance and functionality, this collaboration hybrid is a beast! The Notorious features 30mm diameter tubing and utilizes a highly powerful and long-lasting 26650 battery. It has a hybrid-style top cap which enables your atomizer to make a direct connection with the battery. This minimizes the amount of voltage loss and makes The Notorious Mod more efficient operationally than other mods with standard top caps. The Notorious is activated using a spring-loaded bottom-firing switch that can easily be locked with its reverse-threaded locking ring. A negative battery connection is made using an oversized silver plated brass contact. The sheer size of the contact ensures that a stable and efficient connection is made with the battery when the device is activated.


Just as The Notorious supplies a mammoth amount of power, the Plume Veil is capable of generating copious amounts of vapor. Aether Tech took the standard tri-post design of RDA’s and went a step further. They integrated four posts into the structure of the Plume Veil. With dual coil setups, this enables each positive lead to be anchored individually to a dedicated positive post. However, this opens the door for more elaborate coil configurations, giving enthusiasts plenty to work with in their hunt for huge clouds. To make the setup process slightly more straight forward, all four posts are drilled through which facilitates lead anchoring and ensures a solid connection.


Every cloud chaser knows that the more airflow an atomizer has, the greater amount of vapor it will produce. Therefore to maximize airflow with the Plume Veil, Aether Tech designed it to have two sets of dual airflow systems. Each of these systems is adjustable which allows you to dial in the perfect amount of ventilation for your build. Additionally, they are located on four sides of the top cap which essentially creates an air vortex and subsequently maximizes the amount of vapor produced. As I mentioned earlier, even if you use insane builds with the Plume Veil it will not overheat because of its delrin top cap.


Moving on to aesthetics, The Notorious Mod is quite something. The Notorious is available in two drastically different and quite unique finish options, both of which are powder coated brass. The Silver Vein version is powder coated with a mixture of silver and black, creating a splattered look as if the mod was spray painted. Not only does this look unique, but also gives the mod a really interesting texture.


The second version is called Black Matte due to the black satin powder coating found around the exterior. To give this finish some texture, sets of semi-circles have been cut into the powder coating to reveal the layer of brass below, providing an incredibly captivating look.


The last visual component of The Notorious is found on the switch. Laser engravings of both company names, a creative combo of the CK|S and Aether Tech logo, and a serial number are located on the surface of the switch. Which adds to the overall aesthetic appeal and unique nature of this device.


The Plume Veil has a rather simple appearance to it, which enables it to sit nicely on The Notorious. The solid black delrin top cap of the Plume Veil complements both the Silver Vein and Black Matte finishes well. A finishing touch is made by the custom CK|S x Aether Tech mouthpiece, which comes included in the package. The finish of the mouthpiece matches the finish of the device, which completes the setup and makes it undoubtedly eye catching.


Created for cloud chasers by cloud chasers, The Notorious Mod is a shining example of what can be created by collaborations like the one between Cloud Kicker Society and Aether Tech. When paired together, The Notorious and Plume Veil form a setup that is visually stunning and has jaw dropping performance. Showing up to the next cloud competition with one of these will definitely give you a healthy advantage over the competition while allowing you to stand out from the crowd in style!

The Notorious Mod by CK|S x Aether Tech will be available in-store and online soon! So stay tuned for the release date! 

The Notorious Mod Specifications:

• Manufactured in the United States
• Constructed from 360 Series Brass
• Mechanical Device
• Spring-Loaded Bottom-Firing Switch
• Reverse-Threaded Locking Ring
• Oversized Silver-Plated Brass Negative Contact
• Hybrid Style Top Cap
• Diameter: 30mm
• Battery: 26650
• Laser Engravings: CK|S Logo, Aether Tech Logo, Artwork, Serial Number
• Finish Options: Silver Vein (Black and Silver Powder Coated), Black Matte (Glossy Black Powder Coating with Brass Accents)

Plume Veil Specifications:

• Manufactured in the United States
• Stainless Steel Atomizer Deck
• Heat Resistant Delrin Top Cap
• Two Dual Adjustable Airflow Control Systems
• Quad Post Design
• Drilled Through Posts
• 510 Connector
• Atomizer Diameter: 22mm
• Top Cap Diameter: 30mm
• Includes a Custom CK|S x Aether Tech Mouthpiece in Matching Finish


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The Vapor Flask

August 13, 2014 | 0 Comments


Now that modern vaping has been around for a few years, it’s refreshing to see modders and enthusiasts around the world continue to experiment with new hardware designs in an ongoing attempt to improve the mechanics behind electronic cigarettes. Not only does this refine the way cutting edge e-cigs function, but it also results in the creation of some very unique and visually-appealing devices. One such device which will soon be hitting store shelves is the incredibly intelligent and surprisingly different Vapor Flask.


Upon seeing the Vapor Flask for the first time you will be immediately aware of where its name is derived. If it wasn’t for the buttons, LCD screen, and 510 connector you would think it was a liquor flask. The reason for this design is not for novelty purposes, but in actuality provides several form and functional benefits.The people responsible for the Vapor Flask wanted to create a “box” style mod that was different from the rest and they did just that. Not only does it have a completely unique design, but it’s also one of the most comfortable mods to hold, which is thanks to the Vapor Flask’s ergonomic design. The curved frame of the Vapor Flask allows one side to fit naturally in the palm of your hand while the other side has space for your fingers to rest comfortably, making it very easy to grip. The perfectly rounded edges complement the sides nicely and make the Vapor Flask feel like it belongs in your hand.


Although the physical structure of the Vapor Flask was well thought out, it is not the only feature of this device that was designed for comfort. The placement of the LCD screen on the top surface makes it incredibly easy to read when the device is being used. In addition, one really nice consideration that was made with the Vapor Flask’s design is that the firing button was positioned perfectly in line with where your index finger rests. This allows for effortless and comfortable activation of this device without having to strain or contort your finger to do so.


Moving on from the innovative design of the Vapor Flask, the quality of the device and the components used to make it are as good as they get. The design and manufacturing of the Vapor Flask are both performed entirely in the United States. Its frame is constructed from solid 6061 aluminum, which is available in either a clear or gunmetal anodized raw aluminum finish. Both versions have a raw look so that the device maintains its factory appearance for as long as possible, even after being subjected to daily wear and tear.


Since there are no flat surfaces on the Vapor Flask besides the top and bottom, it was tricky for the mod’s developers to source buttons that fit well with it. As a result of this, they had the buttons custom milled to meet their specifications which allows them to integrate seamlessly with the device. The power up and down buttons are easy to press, but lie flat with the back surface to prevent degrading the smooth feel of this device in the hand. The activation button is curved and protrudes just enough to make it easy to locate without being excessively prominent.


The design and aesthetics of the Vapor Flask are all well and good, but most importantly how does its performance and functionality stack up? A short answer would be, exceptionally well. Internally, this device has been built versatility, power, and reliability. It is equipped with the highly sophisticated Evolv DNA 30 chip, which is capable of firing atomizers with a resistance down to 0.5 ohms and supply power of up to a whopping 30 watts. Even if you’re running a sub-ohm coil at a high wattage, the Vapor Flask will keep you vaping for an impressive amount of time between charges due to its large integrated battery. Dual Sony VTC 5 batteries make up the engine of this device, each with a capacity of 2600 mAh for a remarkable total of 5200 mAh combined! An atomizer connects to the Vapor Flask via the stainless steel 510 connector and an electrical current is delivered through a spring-loaded brass contact, which ensures that a stable connection is maintained during use.


Safety is always important and although the DNA 30 already provides several security features, the Vapor Flask has two sets of vents beneath each battery. The device’s serial number  has also been imprinted in between each set of battery vents. One additional appealing design feature of the Vapor Flask is that it has a 22mm profile. Although the device is crescent shaped, this allows your favorite 22mm atomizer to mesh seamlessly with the Vapor Flask, creating a sleek and captivating setup that will surely turn heads.


Considering its unique ergonomic design, high quality components, enormous battery, and DNA 30 equipped functionality, the Vapor Flask isn’t just another run of the mill device. Just as its designers intended, the Vapor Flask is truly a different mod, offering vape enthusiasts a device that is incredibly comfortable and a pleasure to use, whether that be all day or simply for a few hours at a time.

The retail price of the Vapor Flask is $299 & it will be available in-store and online Friday, August 15th, at 11:00 AM PST.

Vapor Flask Specifications

• Designed and Manufactured in the United States by Vapor Flask
• Constructed from Solid 6061 Aluminum
• Variable Wattage Device
• Stainless Steel 510 Connector
• Spring-Loaded Brass Contact
• Custom Milled Aluminum Buttons
• Micro USB Charger
• Pass-Through Capability
• Ergonomic Design
• Battery: Dual Sony VTC 5 (2600 mAh each)
• Top Mounted LCD Display
• Serialized
• 22mm Profile
• Raw Finish
• Finish Options: Clear Anodized, Gunmetal Anodized

Evolv DNA 30 Specifications

• Power Regulated Digital Switch-Mode DC-DC Converter
• Utilizes a Small OLED Display
• Analog or Digital Controls
• Onboard Buttons
• Synchronous Rectification for Maximum Battery Life and Minimal Heat Generation
• Output Power: 7 – 30 Watts
• Output Voltage: 4 – 8.3 Volts
• Output Current: 10 Amps
• Atomizer Resistance: 0.5 – 3.0 Ohms
• Input Voltage: 3.2 – 4.3 Volts
• Input Current: 1.5 – 12 Amps

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