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Published On January 30, 2013 | By Celina Tompkins | Blog, Hardware

Arriving to the industry with the production of the Steam Machine, followed by the 69 Mod; this two-person team is only just beginning! Vape Revolution invites you to explore this steam engine-like duo. The lady, the gent; the driving forces behind the, very well received 69 Mod..and much more!

69 city 4

 Her Story, Told By: Katerina of Atmomixani

“I was a smoker for nineteen years, smoking anywhere from forty to sixty cigarettes a day. Back then, I can remember thinking to myself that it would be a miracle to cut back-or even stop smoking one day. It really was an unexpected surprise to see how easy vaping was, once I tried it. Now I’ve been vaping for about a year-and-a-half, and I love it!”

“When I started vaping, I was an eGo fan and used them regularly. The Steam Machine was the only rebuildable at the time that worked superb with the eGo batteries, so that’s where my passion for these products began. Now I’ve got a purple ProVari I like to use in rotation with my 69 Mod!”

“Mihalis has the construction mind, he researched and developed the Atmomixani products. My job is to be the voice of Mihalis. I can’t speak for his inspiration, but from the first moment we began working together, I believed in Mihalis. I believed in the things he wanted to make, because he was determined to have the performance he demanded in his vaping. When he has products to test, we test them. I am the experimental volunteer, I try everything that Mihalis makes. He knows what an experienced vaper wants; I give my opinion on what an average vaper needs and wants in a product.”

“We make a good team, but some things are harder than others. The hardest part of my job is listening to all the different proposals and comments coming in, and explaining them to Mihalis. Although language barriers are encountered, we are doing a great job at overcoming those hurdles. Just like the hurdle of no longer smoking, many people are doing a great job at overcoming that thanks to vaping. So keep vaping to all!”

69 city 5His Story, Told By: Mihalis of Atmomixani

“Did I smoke? Haha, yes I did! I smoked for twenty years, sixty cigarettes a day. I smoked like a chimney! There came a point though, where I wanted to quit smoking. I realized I had nothing to lose by trying an alternative. Now I’ve been vaping for over two years! During those years, I vaped 20ml of e-liquid a day. I was a pure vape-a-holic, vaping like a steam engine! That is why we named our company Atmomixani. In Greek, it means steam engine, and is pronounced ‘atmo-me-ha-ni’.”

“I use the GGTS and the ProVari; but since I made the 69 Mod, I use it most often. I appreciate all the mods out there though, because they provide alternatives to different vapers. Having options is important to everyone, especially those new to vaping. The Steam Machine was my first construction. I wanted to make something that was small and beautiful. I wanted it to vape like a champion and it had to be friendly for users.”

“I had similar hopes when creating the 69 Mod and I’m proud that our products have been received in the community so well. We have many ideas for the future and are currently working on the Dom Atty. It is going to be a high performance genesis type atomizer that will give the opportunity to transform the 69 Mod into a hybrid.”

“To the vaping community, let us all enjoy vaping. It has saved us from cigarettes! Lets pass this gift to other people as well, and let us all have a good time enjoying our hobby!”

2 69 modsThe 69 Mod, Told By: Celina_VapeRev

The 69 Mod, made by Atmomixani in Greece, is versatility at its’ finest. The chic character of this mod allows you to manipulate the look of the device as well as the way it feels in your hand.

Made of stainless steel, this mechanical device was designed to meet your appeal. The classic look of this mod’s polished exterior incorporates the Atmomixani logo, a locomotive, which is cleanly engraved on the bottom cap. Along with their logo, “By Atmomixani” and the mod’s serial number are engraved into the end cap. Creatively placed on the switch of the mod, a “69” can be found delicately engraved; adding character to the aesthetic design of this device.



2 tubes copy

The 69 Mod is a telescoping device consisting of five pieces, two of which are the top and bottom caps. The third piece is the switch and the remaining two thread together to form the center tube of the device. The versatility of telescoping mods is a feature made possible by the way the center tubes thread together. To house different 18mm sized batteries, simply thread the two closer together or further apart!



tube matte-1

The switch is another functional feature found on the side of the 69 Mod, providing consistent performance and peace of mind. The switch fires easily and efficiently, and can be turned full circle! By turning the switch in either direction, so the “69” is horizontal, the brass pins within the switch are unable to touch; therefore preventing your mod from firing without you wanting it to! For added safety, sleek air slots have been placed on the sides of the center tube as well!

69 side ways


69 up down

The top cap possesses an adjustable airflow ring, allowing for precise performance specific to the way you adjust it. If you twist, and pull on the airflow ring until it comes off the top cap; you will find two air holes on the top cap. The airflow ring easily snaps back into place letting you align the air holes within, with the air holes found on the airflow ring; providing customizable performance!



vent holes

The unique characteristic, and a very appealing feature of the 69 Mod is its’ versatile switch. By simply switching the placement of the top and bottom caps, the switch sits on either the top or the bottom of the device. The switch placement transforms the way the device feels in your hand and allows you to decide how firing the device feels best for you.

ss 69 right side

69 in peices


69 left

If you’re looking for a device that’s pleasing to the eye. A device that accommodates to your needs. Then look no further, the 69 Mod has steamed down the tracks direct to you!

69 city 2

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