A Beginner’s Guide To Vaping

Published On September 6, 2013 | By Celina Tompkins | Blog, EDU, Hardware, New to Vaping

Vaping has become much more common, but there are still plenty of people out there unsure of how or where to begin with vaping. Although we’ve earned the enthusiast’s reputation for carrying quality ‘high-end’ mods, we haven’t forgotten where our own e-cig experiences began, or how it felt to be almost overwhelmed by the options that exist in the e-cig industry. That being said, we want to offer just as much support and information to those stepping into the e-cig industry for the very first time, as we do for those enthusiasts out there. This video will provide answers, as well as offer recommendations for anyone interested in experiencing what vaping has to offer.

A Recap Of Our Recommendations:


The eRoll, made by Joyetech, is one of our most simple to use setups. Similar to the size of a conventional cigarette, the eRoll is actually the smallest option VapeRev offers, whose light-weight design allows it to be easily stored and carried. It’s perfect for your pocket or purse when you have plans for a night out on the town, but don’t have the desire to carry a larger device! With easy to fill cartridges and a personal charging case, the eRoll is one of the most convenient options for someone who’s just getting started, or someone who’s looking for simplicity on the go!


Made by Innokin, the iTaste is another simple setup to start out with. Offering the longest battery life of any other option we currently carry ensures that the iTaste will last you through the day, if not longer! Some of the iTaste’s features include variable voltage and variable wattage, allowing you to determine the ideal approach to operating your e-cig with its’ easy to read LED display. The device’s USB power output conveniently charges your cell phone, iPod, or other electronic devices while the ‘pass-through’ feature allows the device to be charged and used simultaneously. The iTaste’s battery life and easy to fill clearomizers guarantee a reliable and dependable choice for anyone, even the advanced!

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Our final recommendation is the Ego-C Twist and Kanger clearomizer combo. Both the battery and the clearomizer are available in a variety of different colors, allowing this combo to be as colorful as you want! Also featuring variable voltage, the Ego-C Twist has a dial to conveniently control the level of power your device performs at. The Kanger clearomizer is another easy to fill accessory, and has measurement indicators to help you gauge how much e-liquid you have and use. The Ego and Kanger combo provide plenty of options to those looking for a practical setup!

Vaperevolution_Blog_NewVaper_EgoxKanger (1)

The important thing to remember when it comes to choosing what e-cig is right for you, is that only you can determine what will be best based on your needs. Different setups have different benefits, but at the end of the day, if your device does what you need it to you’ll be satisfied with every vaping experience.


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